My TV Guestings and Episodes (what ifs)

Let’s see.. If I get to make a guest appearance on any TV show.. It’s hard to choose right away. I become a fan of lots of tv shows lately: House, Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones..

I guess I’ll choose “The Big Bang Theory” first.

Big Bang Theory

The Episode Title would be “Quantum Entanglement”. The gang had been called by the FBI to use their knowledge in physics for solving a murder. Using the Quantum Entanglement Theory, their investigation somehow brings them to the Philippines and able to meet Von (who they called Smokebear, referring to his In-game name), their top tank member in their guild in World of Warcraft, who, based on the quantum entanglement, seem involve to a crime happened in the Pasadena, California. And he happens to be a subscriber to a blog made by Penny. XD

*Hehe.. don’t know how to end it.. XD

Second, House.

Dr. House

House received a vague message from Thirteen in the voice mail, stating that she’s in the Philippines and she’s in need of dire help. Meanwhile, his team just accepted a new case of a middle-aged man, fully paralyzed but suspected to be caused by a neurological disease that is caused by his hyperthyroidism. A symptom by a symptom by a symptom (Hahaha, I’m not sure if there’s something like that exist :P) So House, along with Wilson, visit the Philippines and meet Father Von, a priest who’s responsible for taking care of Thirteen. He said that she, along with some friends,Β was having a vacation when she caught up an unexplained disease. No hospital doctor in the Philippines can explain it (Not even Thirteen) and she don’t want to go anywhere but the church ministered by Father Von. She said to be possessed by an environmental spirit. Oh! and the episode title would be “Divine Comedy”.

House Team

So that’s it. I don’t know how those episodes will end. I want to be in Cesar Milan‘s Dog Whisperer episode too…Β and Whale Wars πŸ˜›

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