Sky Lanterns (and some inner peace stuffs)

May 24, 2013

15, 000+ sky lanterns flew over the skies of Miagao, Iloilo. Which is set to be a record holder in Guiness. But the main objective is; World Peace through inner peace. And it was.. it was… (wait for it…..) surreal.


A month before, a friend posted it on my wall (facebook) and another friend invited me to the event. So I was caught by an idea of joining and lighting one. I mean, it’s symbolical, for all the crap happened and stuffs. Why not, right? Well then, I contact some few friends and some human rights advocates. Then suddenly swoosh! I’m part of the VIPs.


Hmmm.. Okay I’m sorry. It’s not really VIP. I forgot what it stands for but actually what we did, we facilitate the event. We’ve been given a task to assist people on how to light the lantern. Which is cool because we got to meet some new people and also it comes with a free shirt and some pins.


Wuuuu! look at that~


Though I was a bit surprised seeing some Buddhist monks from Thailand facilitating a mass meditation at the renewal house of St. Clements church. But still, just for the heck of it, we joined in.

Okay.. we saw this plant beside the church and a close friend of mine who I really view as a plant expert, says that: according to the folklore, they're usually used by aswang younglings.. I don't know what for but that's what he says..

Okay.. we saw this plant beside the church in St. Clements and a close friend of mine who I really view as a plant expert, says that: according to the folklore, when this plant blooms, it’ signifies the initiation of new breed of aswangs (bag-o yanggaw).. wuuuuuu…

Continuing on… As we arrived at the scene, it was already dark and the field which is filled with torches had been lit. I can already picture what’s going to happen. So my cousin and I looked for a lantern to be lit and got in the position. As instructed by whoever that was on the microphone, we lit up the lantern.

it's dark.. it's dark!

it’s dark.. it’s dark!

lighting the light



floating sky lantern
damn it, instagram that shit!
we are so punk rock!

So.. that’s for the inner peace. Wherever will it lead, we can only imagine. There maybe no 99 red balloons here in Iloilo but over fifteen thousand lanterns flew over the sky.

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