Call to Arms

Call to Arms by: Smokebear Rusty armor and broken spears, Chainmail stained with unshed tears. Wandering mind unspoken fears! Calling to arms... The battle has lost But the war has just begun. I pace in solemn grace To the edge of the earth I'll stand. Though truth varies, This ship sails and carries on For... Continue Reading →

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Distance by: Smokebear What's reflected in these eyes gazing at the stars that shiver at the distance Darkness unfolds the shimmering light that is unyielding drowning the noise of cicadas' chatter In deep despair That speaks in languid metaphors Forgive me I do not know any other way of saying this How we are apart... Continue Reading →

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Toxic Masculinity

Thing is we are all fighting against the toxicity of humanity. Men who would risk themselves on jobs that no one would take. If there's an emergency like a fire, it's men most likely would volunteer to dive into the building. When there's war, it's mostly men that would sign up to defend their country. When you're in a ship that is about to sink, women and children should get into the lifeboats first and we wouldn't argue about that. 

That Noble Goal

“Consciousness is a mystery that faces the mystery of potential and transforms it into actuality. We do that with every choice we make. Our choices determine the destiny of the world. By making a choice, you alter the structure of reality.” - Jordan Peterson     When I was a kid, I often hear people saying... Continue Reading →

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