Call to Arms

Call to Arms by: Smokebear Rusty armor and broken spears, Chainmail stained with unshed tears. Wandering mind unspoken fears! Calling to arms… The battle has lost But the war has just begun. I pace in solemn grace To the edge of the earth I’ll stand. Though truth varies, This ship sails and carries on For… Read More Call to Arms


Distance by: Smokebear What’s reflected in these eyes gazing at the stars that shiver at the distance Darkness unfolds the shimmering light that is unyielding drowning the noise of cicadas’ chatter In deep despair That speaks in languid metaphors Forgive me I do not know any other way of saying this How we are apart… Read More Distance

Sea and Sail Project

Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate – Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean Indeed. Some treasures are too valuable to be just mere things. As the Sea and Sail Project commenced, you can see the joy and the excitement on the faces on each in everyone of the Ati Kids from Sitio…

The Journey

Desiderata By: Max Ehrman Go placidly amid the noise and haste, And remember what peace there may be in silence As far as possible without surrender Be on good terms with all people Speak your truth quietly and clearly; And listen to all even to the dull and ignorant, They too have their story. Avoid… Read More The Journey