Call to Arms

Call to Arms by: Smokebear Rusty armor and broken spears, Chainmail stained with unshed tears. Wandering mind unspoken fears! Calling to arms... The battle has lost But the war has just begun. I pace in solemn grace To the edge of the earth I'll stand. Though truth varies, This ship sails and carries on For... Continue Reading →

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Distance by: Smokebear What's reflected in these eyes gazing at the stars that shiver at the distance Darkness unfolds the shimmering light that is unyielding drowning the noise of cicadas' chatter In deep despair That speaks in languid metaphors Forgive me I do not know any other way of saying this How we are apart... Continue Reading →

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It reminds me again of Nietzche’s quote: God is Dead. The death of moral values of men. How would all these trump the moral values but to kill it. It’s funny when people go to church and would quote the bible or whatever and yet willing to kill their values. Now people would come up with something to say and justify their own bullshit but the reality is not abstract. That’s post modernism. Rationality is killed of by feelings and feelings are subjective but the truth is always the truth.

Back to Writing: Back to Academics

I’m back.. And again.. And again.. And again. I’ve been hiatus for quiet some time. When I got back, I was quiet surprised of the number drafts I have wrote and saved over the months I was got  but never got to published. Now I am actually thinking of it, if I should publish some of them or just let it drift to drain. It’s mostly about the travels I had, meet ups and the experience for the last 2 years. Well, I’ll think about it. Maybe I will publish it soon or later. Stories for different day. For now, let me just focus on the things at hand. Being back here in Iloilo for I think 2 years now, I’ve been thinking a lot. Well, I have always have been thinking of a lot. It may be relevant or not. But primarily now, I’m just thinking for my self. It’s been quiet some time since I am on that frame, you know? Just able to think only for myself and no one else? You see, with the past long term relationships I had, I already got used to the idea that I am always required to prioritize another individual  over what I need. Sacrificing personal needs for the significant other. You know what I mean? And this breather, a liberty,  is seem to be uncomfortable and unfamiliar but good, and I think, is necessary. At some point it is troublesome trying to recall who I was then. When I was just freshly graduated from highschool, passionately music driven and just playing in a band with my bestfriends and hanging out. At some point there, I got introduced to progressive thought and alternative studies. Even got myself to occult encounters and metaphysics.  I got to meet people of intellectuals and... Continue Reading →

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