by: Smokebear

What’s reflected in these eyes
gazing at the stars that shiver at the distance
Darkness unfolds the shimmering light
that is unyielding drowning the noise
of cicadas’ chatter

In deep despair
That speaks in languid metaphors
Forgive me
I do not know any other way of saying this

How we are apart is excruciating
It does not makes sense and that I’m blind vagabond
Dreading the anticipation
of waking up alone
And playing this part a thousand times

But for your sake,
I won’t let this be tied
to any laments that are deeply buried
and so long denied

Instead, with every
longing second it beckons.
Let me at least say this
in the boldest of manners

“That you are, and always have been, my dream
That the details of your imagery
leaves my eyes blurry and bitter.
so intimate that it made me wish of your eyelashes
brushing my cheek as I slumber asleep.”


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