Call to Arms


Call to Arms

by: Smokebear

Rusty armor and broken spears,
Chainmail stained with unshed tears.
Wandering mind unspoken fears!
Calling to arms…

The battle has lost
But the war has just begun.
I pace in solemn grace
To the edge of the earth I’ll stand.
Though truth varies,
This ship sails and carries on
For fear will not be the end of this.

How I dreadfully wish I can conform
And just play my part in mystery and surrender
But my heart refuses..


I’ll take my chances

I’ll not leave you by yourself
chained to fate
I won’t leave you by yourself
Imprisoned upon raining ashes
of make believe..

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered,
I’ll fight my way here to the ruins
beyond the great tides..
To take back that has lost and then stolen.
For my will is strong,
and my kingdom is great..

Calling to arms…
Now and forever,
In my heart
And the heart of the world…



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