Silly Pancit vs Spaghetti

It’s that time of the year again. He would’ve been 9 years old. It’s my son’s birthday.

When I woke up earlier in the living room (oh yeah, I can’t sleep in the bedroom ever since I got back here in Iloilo. Good thing they just letting me sleep here in the sala instead) I went ahead and doing my thing, cleaned up the beddings and took a Nescafe 3 in 1. So I’m having my coffee and sitting at the table. It’s my kid’s birthday. Recalling that day as I was on this same house when I heard the news. Then Nenen and her daughter came passing by and they are arguing loudly which should they go for, spaghetti or pancit. Made me wonder then, why the hell are they arguing about that. So I asked:

Me: “Nen, what are you guys arguing about?”

Nenen: “Well, I’m telling her to buy pancit at the market”

Sweetie: “No need to buy pancit. We’ll just buy spaghetti so we can cook it.”

Me: “Why are you guys arguing on food? And why pancit and spaghetti? Can’t you just buy regular food?”

Nenen: “But today is Creden’s birthday. It is today right? or tomorrow?”

I was lost in words. I just stared and smiled.. and err fighting to pause my tears. I was touched that these people remember my kid’s birthday without me saying anything. Then she added:

Nenen: “Your mom insists on spaghetti but I thought you might want pancit for Creden instead.”

Me: “You can whichever. I don’t mind”

And so they went downstairs..




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