Pet Lover – Dogs, Cats err..

Well the thing is, People would describe me as one. I never put that much care about it before, being a dog lover and all. I never thought of it as anything special. When I was a kid, I used to believe that every household should have dogs. I remember when I was probably around 7 years old. I have this dog who would tag along with me as I walk towards school. Shooing it away would not work as it will just try to hide for few minutes and just continue to follow me right after. So when I got to the classroom, I tried to hide it under the table. Problem is when my teacher called me upon to answer a mathematical problem on the blackboard, she also got out. So to cut the story short, I was scolded and forced to stand in front of the blackboard until dismissal while my dog waits outside. Ha! Well, I did a lot of standing in the classroom back in the day.

There was even a time when my dog tried to follow me as I took a ride on a jeepney. It scared the hell out of me that I get off and literally, carry the dog back to our house.

There were also couple of situation too when I was saved by a dog. My mom used to tell that story a lot of times. One time in the afternoon while playing with my sister at my grandmother’s house, I fell down the stairs and good thing I landed on a dog who’s sleeping underneath. My mom used to tell me the story many times. But one thing I do remember was, when I was probably 6 or 7 yrs old. My mother sort of grounded us because I have that tendency to go some place far. Well, I already have a knack of going somewhere. My friends are already outside and calling me out to play. So what I did, I tried sneaking out through the window from the second floor. As I was already outside the window when tried to lower myself down. Then the handle broke off and I fell down stumbling. And guess who’s there to catch me, my dog. It is one of those still-framed moments I don’t think I’d be able to forget because after I fell, my mom stormed out and beat the hell out of me with a bamboo broom in front of my friends. I was so ashamed and crying at that time. Though my dog seem to be okay with the whole situation.

Some stories from  my childhood. Anyway, as I said, I never thought of myself as a pet lover. Funny if I think about it. I mean, I already eaten dogs, goats and maybe err.. cats to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I never enjoyed it. I was just caught off guard a lot that is why now, I always asked what kind of meat they’re serving in every town fiesta I visited. Also I’ve bitten more than a dozen times.

But as my story goes, I say I’m easily get close to animals. Dogs are excellent companions. They’re very enduring, loyal and protective. If you noticed, all they want is to be with their human. Let me give you a list of few dogs I had. 🙂

Torotot – She is one of my favorite family dog. She is like a cross breed of local and Japanese Spitz, colored like chocolate black and brown and white on her coat. I know you find the name funny, right? There’s a reason why we call her that. This is when I was in Grade 5 or Grade 6, I think? That was the longest time that we don’t have any dogs at home. Me and my brother hang around with our respective group of friends and would ask anyone for a dog. So every time we got home, we brought dogs with us. We usually give it a cool name such as Spike, Rex, Coach etc. and the thing is they would not last a week. They just die in a few days. It pisses us off. So one time, my brother brought this dog. My brother asked me what to name it. Told him to just call it Torotot, it will die anyway and so we did. And Torotot continued to live on and actually broke the spell. My brother would often asked me then how and why. I just told him because of the name I guess xD

Sitang – I think it was my brother who brought her too. I think she is more like a local dog, colored brown and just on the local size but my brother and his friend claimed that it has a breed. I love that dog too. She would usually hang out with me and my friends as we drink booze in the balcony in La Paz and she if you fell asleep in the sala, she will just sleep beside you too even with some of my friends.

Purple – She is a cross breed of Japanese Spitz and Shih Tzu. She was actually given to Frennie as a gift. But since, she went to California, she was left to me take care of. Now this dog is very hard headed. I don’t know, maybe she was spoiled by her in some levels. Funny thing is, Purple were scared of our cats. When we got her, our home were aready filled with dozen of cats. Well, they’re not really welcoming to her. Especially Mimyaw and Yawyaw, there was a time when I saw them like crouching and seems like on a hunting mode. They would jump at Purple and just scratch her butt or something. The thing with Purple is, she has sort of an attitude, maybe because of her breed. She’s kind of jealous type and always wants to be the center of attention. Ha! I remember when she would run towards me and when I get her up, she would bark with anyone else, including Frenni.



Leroy – Now, that is my favorite companion. He is Dobberman Pincher. I got her as a gift from Frenni’s cousin. At that time, when I met Pausi to get the dog, he showed me the puppies to choose from. These energetic puppies came running towards me and would bite my pants and play around. But out of them, I noticed a very timid and weak looking one and seem to be an outcast from the group. I tried to pet it and he would just stare at me. So that’s when I decided to take it home with me. So I took him home and told Frenni about it and she agreed on my choice. I named him Leroy because at that time, we were playing a lot of World of Warcraft and there was this dude named Leroy Jenkins, who was just a normal player and because of his fail on one of the raids, he became famous. Leroy was actually my first big dog, who also came from a scary breed.


He is so goofy and funny. He would run and just stumble somewhere. He would try to sneak in my bed, and as watchful as I am and as big as he is, he can actually sneak like a freaking ninja. And once he is in your bed, it’s so hard to push him down because of his big butt. But he’d listen to my instructions though, just not that part.


His other traits, he is very disciplined and brave. There’s a time when I went out for a jog with him, he was like around 4 months old. Suddenly from a far, there were 3 local dogs spotted us and tried to chase us down. Leroy was undaunted. He actually face and run towards them too but was stopped because of the chain. It stopped the dogs midway and rand away after.


Oh! I still haven’t mentioned he killed a snake once with Purple’s help. It’s matured snake like maybe 2 or 3 meter long.


Sable – She is a Siberian Husky. I think the most hard-headed dog I ever handled. She is a pain in the ass. Every time I tried to teach her a command, she would just howl and ran. Like a little rebel. Though with Leroy’s help, she sometimes follow.


I actually bought her as a gift for Frenni. Well, I got to admit and that is true. I remember when I bought from this breeder, her ears were like glued. I suspect the reason was because the breeder is trying to make her look fierce to raise her market value. I was disgusted and that’s actually one of the reason I bought her to take her away from that person.


Sable grew up very active. She loves running and enjoy the water. And she is very smart, way too smart for her own good. I remember when I tried to put her in the kitchen because I was about to leave the house. By the came back, she able to climb on a 5 foot tall door and scratch through the metallic screen. And worse, Leroy followed through.

Video call snapshot 6

Leroy and Sable were both very smart and loyal. Their difference is Leroy is disciplined while Sable is too playful. She was scolded a lot of times by Purple.

Video call snapshot 93

Sigh. The memories of these dogs. I miss them. Yes, they already passed away. I don’t think anyone would understand how it feels like losing a dog but may another pet lover. I’m not sure where did this “Rainbow Bridge” came from but yeah I believe that. Dogs do go to heaven.

Soon, I might get another companion. Whatever it is, I’ll try to push it to the max of it lifespan. 🙂

Oh here are are the pics of the cats though:

maru and momo


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