Savage Girl: Society to be blamed?

Have you heard the news today? Well you should check it sometime, that is if you want to be informed with what’s happening. Though, me myself, I don’t totally trusr the media especially nowadays. Of course, we should know how to be able to filter the information we are getting, be it is just a word of mouth, books or in the television. Media is very much powerful and can manipulate everyone’s perspectives. 

But this post isn’t really about media manipulation. There’s one news I stumble upon while browsing through timelines in facebook. It’s about this certain girl that has been apprehended by the police in Cebu. They call her “The Savage Girl”. She is 22 years old. She’s arrested for the crime of human trafficking, exploitation etc. It was said she’s been trafficking street children and one of the kids actually died. 

You can never based your trust on anyone by the way they look or  talk anymore…

I’m not going to give you all the details of the crimes she committed since you should be able to look it up. But what I want to talk about is, the conversation I had with a friend in regarding with this news.

She said that we really can’t blame the girl for what happened. The blame lies more to the society as a whole. She believes that she became what she is because we let her be in the environment where she was exposed to violence and perversion. This ‘Savage Girl’ is a victim herself. Well according to the news, she became a sex slave and was also prostituted. And at that time when it was her who needed help, no one came.

And to further press down this argument: Remembering the Mamasapano Massacre, where the SAF 44 where killed and some locales in the MILF area (I’m talking about the youth) joined in hunting them down each in a gruesome manner. Some will say, these youth did these horrible acts because this is the kind of environment they grow up with.

What a gal..
What a facade of self-gratification and liberation eh.. Tsk!

Now here is how I see it: She is 22 years old. She is accountable to her actions. Things that she needed to know or things to remind her of that what she is doing is morally wrong are already in placed. You can’t blame the society for that because if that is the case then that is the same with the rest of the criminals. She knows what she is doing is wrong. Hurting or exploiting someone mentally, emotionally or physically is should be enough to tell you that. You have the power to choose. It is either what is right or greed. Of course just like the rest of them, they’ll only ask for forgiveness and show remorse when they’re caught or trapped. 

Just an inner sight: we are what we are not because of our past traumas or of our mistakes. The future is unwritten. We make choices at the present and that’s where the critical point always is because it is where it lies what you will become. 

Just remembered another story as told by a friend: There was this girl. She was raped when she was 8 years old and buried alive. She was almost dead when something or someone trying to dug her up. It turned out it was a dog who’s trying to help her and to save her. She able to walk out from there. After few years, the girl grew up. According to what I heard she is now also working with NGO’s focusing on children and women’s rights. 
You have the power to do the right thing. Either you conform with the bullshitry of the world or be different. Of course, it is never easy. To quote Dumbledore:

“We must all face the choice between what is right, and what is easy.” – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I call that inner strenght to stand against the bullshitry. The three I’s of George Carlin: Independence, Individuality and Integrity. To live with character. To live with substance.


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