And yet.. I’m still here



Wow, It’s been a long time since I see familiar interface of wordpress. Never thought that this blog is still gonna be here after all this time. Well, good thing we’re not being charged for just parking this up here.

Anyway, what’s new? Well, it’s been like a year and 3 months I think that I moved here in Manila. Actually, I’m residing in Kawit Cavite. There has been a lot of major decision making that lead me to move here. Which is funny because of another upheaval decision that I’m actually back here in WordPress. Well, one thing though, I misses blogging and taking care of this site. So much stuff brings back a lot of memories.

I’m currently working in one of the major BPO company in the country. Well, soon as I arrived here I tried to get a job right away and that made me a bit preoccupied. It feels great to get back to a dog eat dog kind of an environment, working up ladders and stuff.

You must be asking yourself, what made me lead to come here anyway. Well, you know the usual cliches. There’s only one thing that could make a guy go crazy decision and stuff. And the undisputed top choice, of course, because of a girl.

She’s an amazing gal, just so you know. Beautiful, petite yet ferocious and feisty. Oh I hoped she will missed what I just described her with while reading this or “babanatan na naman ako nun”. Anyway. we’ve been together and was on a long distance relationship for a year before I moved here. She got roots here in Cavite while I’m from Iloilo. We’ve been together for quite some time now. Hmmm.. I’d probably will create a post entirely dedicate for her on the next time.

For now, I’m just writing in to give you guys some heads up that I’m back. And I missed blogging a lot so. Hopefully, I could come up with new stuff and progress on because soon as I checked it earlier, the Aswang post is still the popular one.

Alright, I guess that’s it for us now then. I’ll post more once I’m able to come up with a better topics and concrete content. For now, we can all just chillax!🙂







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