Panda Aft3rdark

Hello Clashers! or any gamers happen to pass by this site. Today I’d like to share to you our clan which is founded by me (IGN: Eden Von) and Toni Anne (IGN: lady elixir) This post will talk about the history and back story of our clan which is Panda Aft3rdark. I’m not sure yet but this may prove useful in the future 😛 anyway..

I started playing Clash of Clans I think around the “Ber” month (September?), 2013. Then, I went to Paul’s clan (a highschool friend) and there I progress, I guess up to townhall 7. At that time, Toni was with the Aussie clan yet, being already like a year veteran, she taught me a lot of stuffs. Farming techniques, which building should be prioritized etc. and also we bounced up some other ideas regarding with clan management and other clans activities since we are of different clans. Mind you, Clan wars wasn’t existing yet as one of the features of the game.

Then one day, since we almost talked about COC, I asked her “Why don’t you join us here instead?” Well, she’s already established on that Aussie clan as one of the co-leaders and by the way she talks about her clan sometimes, they’re handling their team better. With trophy hunting every season and highest loot challenge. So I invited her and agreed (well, since I can’t join them for being too weak yet :P). As we went along, well pretty much nothing to do at the clan sometimes but just farm and upgrades. Pretty timid and laid back, I guess.

Then the Supercell announced that there will be another feature that they will be adding unto the game and that is Clan Wars. It is where we can able to go against other clans all over the world and battle for like 2 days. Of course, with much excitement, I researched on it right away and learn a thing or two. We analyzed the possible gameplay and stuff. Well, being the champion of the browser game “Travian” on ph server, I guess it come out just natural (:P naks! naman) Oh and some other Travian players I play with were on our team (Devaney, Magnus, Meynard etc.)

Some day on March. Then as soon as the clan war starts, *boom Devaney queued up. LOL. Everyone was on rattle and all, since not all has any idea at all how it work, we took over and organized the war and segregate the attacks. The first war was victorious and everyone seem still fired up. So we continue on, with us (Toni and I) helping out everyone and organize the clan.

It was great and all until some people starting to mess it up. Well, maybe it’s the Filipino crab mentality thing, since we’re all Filipino. And other players are getting too dramatic 😛 Especially, when you don’t take notice of whatever stuff they’re saying they bought or places they’ve been. So Toni and I, began to talk about the management and the idea of going to another clan or setting up a new one. We talked about it to them regarding with the management and organization, then everyone decided to set 3 leaders (2 co-leaders and 1 leader) as they’re the ones who can queue up for war and we thought it’s all good. Then one night, it was right after another victorious war, this co-leader queued up for war and pass the co-leadership to another player. Maybe so that the other player will be blamed for queueing up for war while he went down to being a member so he could escape the blame. The funny thing is, we’re also on that page since we’re Toni is trying to screenshot the the clan war result. So she alerted me about that since the next war should be on the next couple of days and everyone agreed on taking a breather. So I went in and cancel the queue up for several times, as someone also keeps on clicking to find an enemy.

Anyway, to make the story short, that was the indication that we should move out from the clan as some players are too focused on themselves and we no longer can handle that.

So there, we decided to set-up a clan that was (May 14, 2014) and we’re like thinking of a name that we should go for as it should be unique. Toni is into Panda and me, well.. I’m Aft3rdark. Hehe.. So we named it Panda Aft3rdark. 😀

That’s how we start it. Now, let me tell you the first war, our very first war was also the very first loss. Hahaha! Some of the guys that went with us were also a bit complacent I guess. So we lost the game, that was just a 10-man war. I think on our first 10 wars, we lost 3. If I remember correctly, aside from me and toni, we got dev, miki and chuckie and others that we picked up on global channel chat. Then ray came along and somehow stabilize our roster. Then some other Travian friends found us and joined up. Then I guess that’s it 😀

I know Toni would be reading this later, or as soon as I post this so.. Hehehe.. Feel free to correct me anywhere there as I might missed something.

I guess that’s it. Hahaha! I know. It’s as if the story’s so significant and a must post. I hope I don’t bore you guys that much though with how our clan started out. Fortunately, I may be able to post some strategies and tactics on the next several posts.

Oh by the way, if any of you guys started playing and may want to join our clan, look us up and just type in “Panda Aft3rdark” and it will lead you right to us 🙂 Also if you guys want to check more of our Clan information, just click on that name and it will lead you to the Clash of Clan forum. We’re currently on the winning streak and already got like 28 games won 😀 So, cya!

Some links:

Facebook Page:

COC Forum Page:


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