Aft3rdark on Clash of Clans

Hello! I know it’s been like ages since I posted anything here at all. Well, apologies guys. I just don’t have the luxury of time and a good spot to write and stuff like I used to have. A lot has been going on lately. Been busy with trivial life stuff, you know that ol’ sort. But anyway, now that I’m here, I figure this may be a good time to update this page a bit.

Anyway, I encountered this game on 2013. Which month? I can’t recall. But I got a feeling I’m already playing it for almost a year though I am not sure. Anyway, I’m talking about the Clash of Clans.

10690324_10202669765614487_8501906377801721190_n (1)

Clash of Clans, is a MMO strategy game by Supercell that was at first, available only in iOS but then eventually was also available in Android. A game in which you build somewhat like a community or a town where you build amd develop your economy, train troops and attack other players to gain gold or elixir. It’s somewhat like Travian, it’s also another game I used to play, but COC has no end game and the battle only last 3 minutes and Clan Wars is for just 2 days (Clanwars, it’s another feature of the game which you battle other clan or guild)

You start on level 1 Townhall, with level 1 archers and barbarians. You will be leveling up your campfires, that’s to add more troop housing capacity and other defense buildings, like cannons, mortars and archer towers. You will be needing to upgrade your clan castle too, so you can able to join other clan. It’s already at you map and looks like a rundown building of some sort. Hmmm.. Maybe in some other pages, I’ll post somewhat like a guide for the beginner.

So anyway, currently I’m managing a clan named “Panda Aft3rdark” with the help of Toni Anne, who’s also a travian player and some other people from the old game and new people we meet along the way. Our clan just started 3 months ago, so we’re growing in a steady pace. By the way, she’s way way ahead of me when I started playing this. She was already on Townhall 10 when I began playing. But ummm.. well, I’m on townhall 9 now 😛 hehehe.. Anyway, our clan already has like 26 wins? and we also have some losses, especially from the early days of the clan. Usually we go for 15 vs 15 man. Recently though, we went for 20-man and it was successful victory.

Now, I’m working my way to developing my village. It’s only like 2 weeks I think that I got to Townhall 9. It really is exciting. I got to try some new troop composition and strategy. And as soon as I maximize the level of my troops, I’ll be trying out to get into the Champions League. I don’t think I’ll be upgrading my Townhall soon or in this year 😛

So.. hmm.. that’s it for now, I guess? Anyway, heads up, I’ll be posting some more stuff about Clash of Clans. But so you guys know, I still got the inkling to get back to poetry and stuff. I already miss writing. Well.. maybe soon. Depends.



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