Fanfict: End of Days


( This is a fan fiction. Cross over between the movie “Legion” and “I am Legend”. Angel Michael, Creden and the dog, Leroy, are outside the Diner as they faced off the angels, zombies and other form of monsters. They left Charlie inside the Diner being attended by Jeep as she was about to give birth to the so called “anti-christ”.)

Looking back, Creden knows he should have expected it.

Really, as cynical as he is, having seen what he has, how could he miss it?

A benevolent God, tender caring angels, humanity teetering on the precarious edge of a carefully maintained Balance; it could only last so long.

But he’d been floating on the high of a second chance, observing the world through the rose-colored glasses of one no longer damned to the fires. He’d looked past the foreboding hints, foolishly ignored the blatant signs heralding a total shift in the Balance.

It just figures he’d be forgiven just before all of humanity was selected for extermination.

And now it’s all gone to shit.

He glances over at the man, no, the seraph, standing ready and unafraid at his side, and finds the despair slipping away. His muscles relax marginally, and he hefts his dragon’s breath shotgun.


On his left is Leroy, the doberman pinscher, weary and tired yet alert. It seems the dog fighting for its own resolve. After all they’ve been through, it never loses its peculiar goofiness.

Creden took a stick of what’s left on expired Marlboro pack on his left pocket and puff a smoke.

He’s lost track of how long they’ve been fighting, but it doesn’t really matter. Not anymore.

God may not be on his side any more, but Michael and Leroy are.

And for now, that’s enough.



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