Dream: Shark and Rogue Waves

First part of the story, I was swimming at the beach. Swimming along with other kinds of marine creatures. Then few meters away, I saw sort of a giant shark with a weird mouth. It’s dark blue and big. It’s mouth is round and there are layers of teeth. I get myself out of the water then watch the shark floats on. When it’s near me, it sudden;y jumps out and nearly got me.

Imagine that mouth with layers of teeth..

Then a shift of scenes.

I was somewhere in an airport. It was afternoon. But I thought we were supposed to be at the beach, at first. Anyway, we were at the lobby of some sort of an airport. I’m with this girl who looks like my ex girlfriend but more often, she looks like my wife. We were somewhat arguing. She saying she has to break up with me. I think, that was the argument all about.

Then suddenly, there was an earthquake. I look around and everyone was a bit in panic. But the quake didn’t really last long and it’s not really that strong to put up any damage. But looking at the window, I can see there’s something heading our way fast. Everyone’s looking at the window. A rogue wave,  around 100-120 meters high, and rolling faster than anyone could anticipate it.

The girl who’s with me saw it too. Everyone’s running to the exit and she was about to run too. I grabbed her arm and told her there’s no time. The exit alley is congested, people will die there. She’s trying to shake me off but the wave is already outside. I enveloped my arms around her and went to a somewhat pillar wall and wait for few seconds and took a deep breath. Then boom! I can hear the crashing of glasses and silence. The whole hall is filled with water. I can see that the girl who’s with me is being pull away by a current but I already anticipating this will happen so I never let go. It’s been like this for several minutes but since it’s a rogue wave, the water level’s subsides fast until it was gone.

I went outside and looking through the horizon and the sky. I got a feeling there will be another one. I grab the girl’s arm again and look for an exit before another rogue wave strikes. I suddenly found myself in sort of inside the VIP coffee area. It’s on the top of the building where from the glass window I can see the spot where me and the girl hidden while the first rogue wave hits. I can also see from afar there’s another wave coming. I’m now having a debate with this girl I’m with where to go. I told her we need to go down and it’s not safe here. She’s expecting it to be safer since there are lots of rich people hiding there and her family’s there too and they hate me. Hehehe..  Another rogue hits us, it shook the building and the elevators malfunctions. I already forgot how we went down but we did.

I can barely remember the other scenes but there was another scene we were in an elevator. For a second, I can see myself running alone. So I look for the girl I’m with and there I saw her at the elevator. The elevator is not working. She’s actually at the top of elevator talking to this another girl from maintenance. She call me up and asked for my assistance. I asked them what were they trying to do. They’re not actually planning to use the elevator but there was a box on the top that contains another key for another exit door. The girl from the maintenance asked me if I have any key and she told me to use it to open it. Since in the real world, the key to my bedroom is always with me, at my back pocket. I started feeling it out and there it is. I tried to open the box with it and it did open.

As we were trying to escape on some door. She already forgot that she was trying to break up with me earlier. It was like a silent agreement that we’re good. There was even a scene where some clean-cut douches, that she know, trying to court her. But she shrugged them off.

Then I guess that’s the story. I forgot how it ends.


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