Posting just for the heck of it

I know it’s been like 2-3 weeks since my last post. I’m actually surprised that I have lots and lots of visitors, even though there’s not much of an updates. I actually want to thank you guys for appreciating the page. I was just a little busy with work and I don’t think you guys want to hear my rants regarding with what I’m doing recently in the office. Let me say it’s been a stressful phase and I don’t really want to go any further than that.

Anyway, for those who celebrated Samhain Festival, blessed be! For those who celebrated 5th of November as the day of the Anonymous, Godspeed! I feel a little guilty for not able to celebrate these days though I marked them as an important dates at my mind’s back log.

November is actually one of the important month for me. Here in the Philippines, we celebrate November 1 as an All-Saints Day and November 2 is the All-Souls Day and besides that, my late Grandfather’s Birthday is actually on November 2. Also, my wife’s birthday is on November 15. Since she’s far away, so it is a melancholic month for me. And at that note, I can’t stop listening to GNR’s song November Rain.

So, hopefully, I’d be able to update this blog regularly in the next following weeks. I actually forcing myself to post something right now. Just to let you know that I still regularly visiting the blog. I actually have a lot of ideas to post but just can’t organize the thoughts completely due to toxicity of work, so it ended up forgotten and drifted somewhere else. I might start the habit of taking notes of every thoughts that pass me by.

Anyway, just keep on visiting! Merry meet and merry part!

– Smokebear


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