Smokebear: More Stuffs on RA 10175

Alright! I”m back!

Don’t worry, I’ve only blackened the site as a sign of protest to the RA. 10175 or the Anti Cyber-crime Law and it’s only up for 24 hours. As it was suggested by other bloggers who protested against SOPA and IPA.

So, yeah, the RA 10175 is now taking an effect.  I saw a lot of protesters on Facebook, Twitter etc.  The Anonymous Philippines has their own fb page and still continuing on with their crusade. Their actually gaining more and more supporters. And more government sites have been hacked, including powered by congress and office of the President. If you want to be updated about them. Check them out in their fb page:

Though, as hours pass by and more  and protest memes over the web. There are still would rather conform to the enactment of the said bill. There’s even one trying to bait me on an argument by posting something on my page but edited her comment afterwards. But basically, her stand is “it’s about time Filipinos need to be disciplined”. In which, in my own personal view, I’m not against. It’s understandable that people might think that the reason most of the netizens are protesting is because we value so much our freedom on the net. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that I am not against with the Anti Cyber-crime Law but the bill they imposed on us needs to be amended. To check the bill itself, you’ll find it noble and good willed on the surface. But when you dig deeper, the thing is, there are a lot of part on it that’s really scary. Like this one:

SEC. 12. Real-Time Collection of Traffic Data. — Law enforcement authorities, with due cause, shall be authorized to collect or record by technical or electronic means traffic data in real-time associated with specified communications transmitted by means of a computer system.

Traffic data refer only to the communication’s origin, destination, route, time, date, size, duration, or type of underlying service, but not content, nor identities.

All other data to be collected or seized or disclosed will require a court warrant.

Service providers are required to cooperate and assist law enforcement authorities in the collection or recording of the above-stated information.

The court warrant required under this section shall only be issued or granted upon written application and the examination under oath or affirmation of the applicant and the witnesses he may produce and the showing: (1) that there are reasonable grounds to believe that any of the crimes enumerated hereinabove has been committed, or is being committed, or is about to be committed: (2) that there are reasonable grounds to believe that evidence that will be obtained is essential to the conviction of any person for, or to the solution of, or to the prevention of, any such crimes; and (3) that there are no other means readily available for obtaining such evidence.

And that’s a “Real-time”.

SEC. 19. Restricting or Blocking Access to Computer Data. — When a computer data is prima facie found to be in violation of the provisions of this Act, the DOJ shall issue an order to restrict or block access to such computer data.

It’s “Prima Facie”. So just in a single glance they can able to restrict or block your access.

And here’s another thing:

SEC. 27. Appropriations. — The amount of Fifty million pesos (PhP50,000,000_00) shall be appropriated annually for the implementation of this Act.

When some children don’t have any classrooms, lack school supplies etc. Yet we still need to allot 50 million budget for this? As a law abiding citizen and a tax payer, I don’t want to pay my taxes just to imprison someone for liking a status or for just simply re-tweeting. Why waste my money on this when there are still some stuffs need to be done?

Think about it, RH Bill endured a lot of debates and scratched in the end. The Ampatuan Massacre, until now, is not yet close. I don’t even want to talk about the Shoal Island. Especially, with the recent turn of events. Thing’s just frustrating. And yet her we are.

All I’m saying is. It needs to be tweak and it should be amended (somehow).

For those who’d like to sign for the petition. Here’s a link you can sign up:

Please be socially aware and don’t take my word for it. Try to read more stuffs regarding with the topic so you can fully understand. To avoid confusion.

Here’s a link for the whole page of the bill.


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