Ghost Story: Wailing Woman in White

More than a decade ago, (when I was about 17 or 18 years old) my family and I were still staying at our old house in La Paz, Iloilo City. We have our own “fair share” of ghost stories, as my late lola told us, our house is built in the middle of the old path that is used by Japanese in the old days. But don’t get me wrong, our house is not that haunted as someone would assume. We would feel a a haunting or two in 6 months, or maybe we’re just used to it that we tend to brush it off as our mind just playing a trick or something.

I guess the story started when my brother is still in grade school and I was in High School. Both of us usually sleep in our living room most nights during summer, so we can play video games all night. At that time, I didn’t feel anything. It was just a normal night as we played until I’m tired and went to sleep at the sofa, while he’s on his sleeping bag.

The next day, he told me that he was really scared that night. He’s not sure if he was dreaming at that time or awake. I was already asleep while he was still playing video games, when he heard a wailing voice. Seems like it’s crying or singing, he’s not sure. When he tried to check where it’s coming from. He look over the window near the stairs and he saw a woman wearing a white dress looking at her from the window with menacing smile. He said that he’s somewhat floating while looking at him undisturbed, still with a menacing smile. She’s somewhat floating outside the window towards our terrace just right outside our main door. By the time she reached the terrace, all of our dogs howled. He turned off the television and went to sleep but the crying or singing still lingers on. But eventually, he fell asleep.

As he finished the story, I didn’t mind it that much because he’s not even sure if he was just dreaming at the time really. Few years after that, there wasn’t really significant haunting that relates to that woman.

Until, I was in college, probably in my second year. The same scenario, we were hanging out and playing games again. This time both of us has it’s own sleeping bags. Around 1-3 am, I woke up suddenly. I’m hearing somewhat like a wailing sound. I went to each door of my family’s room, to check maybe if anyone’s having nightmares or something. I checked my sister upstairs and also my mom’s room. But no, it’s not coming from any of those room. I even went to my brother sleeping bags to check if he’s the one creating a sound. It doesn’t seem like it so I went to the fridge to get a glass of water and went to the middle of living room standing still so I can detect where the sound’s coming from because it didn’t ceased.

I just realized that it’s actually coming from the outside when the sound seems like moving. It came from the window near the upstairs, then it went to the other window near our grotto. Then I remember the story that my brother told me years ago. At that time, I was already open to paranormal stuffs but I wasn’t expecting that I will experience it first hand. I wasn’t afraid or anything. I was more curious actually. So the sound still drifting, from the grotto to the terrace, just like my brother told me. But in my story, all windows are closed. So I can’t really see who’s outside. So I just follow the sound, and by the time it reaches our terrace, all of our dogs howled. I went near the door. I laughed at the thought that whatever it is, it’s just right on the other side of it. To be honest, I was fighting the urge to open the window and check what it looks like. But then I heard some stories that you’re not supposed to open the window or you’ll be cursed and go insane. And the other thought that’s keeping me from checking it is what if I did open the window and saw her face sticking through the window staring at me. Of course, I’m not really that afraid but that would really surprise the shit out of me. So I realized why the fuck should I care what it looks like anyway. Why bother with something trivial and not really important when I can just sleep and not be bothered. So I went back to sleep.

The next day I told my brother what happened that night and recount his own story. Funny thing is he can barely remember his experience. But after that, we didn’t feel anything. Numerous times that I spend the night outside our terrace alone in the compound but nothing. I guess whatever it is, it might realized that I wouldn’t really care.

Oh and I just remember in my brother’s story, the lady has a knife in her hand 😀


2 thoughts on “Ghost Story: Wailing Woman in White

  1. We had a ghost here but as my children grew up he was aroound less then when my last neighbours moved in with small children the guy told me one night he had experieenced things there I guess he likes going where the children can see him still, thanks for the pingback


    1. Some people say that kids are more attuned with their ESP ability compared to the adults. Maybe some ghosts are just too lonely and would love to toy with the idea that someone can able to feel them.

      Anyway,thanks for the visit, Paula 🙂


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