First Try: Hip Hop

Okay.. So I wanted to try new stuffs. I was just so focus at work that I easily get depressed and bored. Maybe it’s time for me to get outside of the box once in awhile. So I decided to write a rap piece out of boredom in of those melancholic nights. Hehehe..

I’ve been a fan of Fliptop (that’s what they call for the Rap Battle League in the Philippines) and Sunugan (It’s another rap league here in the Phil). And also I’m a fan of Def Poetry. I’m just a fan. I’m not really a rapper or a hip-hop artist. Honestly, I don’t really have an inkling to be one. But what I love about it is.. the poetry, the wordplay, the schemes and references. Basically, it’s poetic in itself. I don’t think I have to elaborate the elements of it.

But anyway, I also stumble upon this instrumental beat in youtube. And I decided to challenge myself to create something out of it. Whatever. Hehehe

Enough with the chit-chat. Here it is:

Let’s begin the shit my mind is
in sweet delight
My blood boils within and I am
ready for the night
For the battle, No rattle,
earth-shaken bowel
of doubts and remorse that will
leave you all baffled
A penny for your thoughts this is
what it’s meant to be
Open your ears and listen so that
your mind can see
We’re greedy and witty
We’re all fucking crazy
Schizophrenic with the lyric
Beat your ass with a drumstick

Synchronize heads go thumping in
Ain’t no luck, A great vibe but
no dime
Ocean of words and I am drowned
with the rhyme
I’m a devil on a speaker
demonic beast with a liquor

Don’t get me wrong I am just a
walking man with a mission to
erradicate the apathy that
plagues the whole society
Used and abused
I’ve Got nothing to lose
Alone and exiled
I am living like a wild child


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