What Have I Been Up To?

Good morning, Sportsfans!

Alright, some of you might wonder why is it I’m not posting as much as I did few months back. Well, this has happened before right? If you noticed my posting habits around October to November. It became slimmer and slimmer. And I became active again around April.. Guess what, that’s because I’m back with the workforce again.

Yep, I’m working again. The same line of work I had before. Also, around the same salary. But on a different company and a different kinds of customers. (That’s because it’s a UK account)

Actually, this is the first UK account ever (if I’m not mistaken) set up here in Iloilo. And I would be lying if I say that it is an easy account. The first challenge we receive is of course, the accent. There are (I think) 4 major accents you need to be familiar with: Welsh, London, Irish. And the most challenging accent (and still is up to now) Scottish.

It’s not that there’s something wrong with the way they speak. It’s just that I’m so used to American accent that sometimes I was mistaken as American when I talked to Brits. To be honest, I love their accents. Some of them actually has this sing-song like accent that it reminds me of Hiligaynon Binalaybay tone.

The second challenge… is of course.. the product

I don’t really want to take this against our trainers because I understand that it is actually a pioneer account. So some of them haven’t experienced yet how to handle a call. Theory is really a different thing compared to hands on. It’s easy to say do this and do that but when you’re already on a call, complex and weird scenarios will definitely drain you out.

Third is… the tools

I don’t think I’m just used to the tools from the previous job. It’s just that the system that they’re using, as confirmed by our Brits supervisor, has been like that for more than 9 years. And they have no plans for changing it. Especially, if it’s a billing query. Damn,  I have to open a certain page and there are lots option on the path I need to go through to pull it up. And if you’re caller wants to compare it to previous month’s bill, I need to go through another path. Imagine, if it’s a multiple queries. You have to close some windows to get there. And I haven’t mentioned yet the latency issues keeps getting worse as more windows are opened.

And wait, there’s more..

The demands they set up for us, for example: the transfer rate. I don’t get it why would they set the transfer rate as little as 14% when we’re just basic transact team. We don’t even handle technical issues. So of course, we need a higher rate with the transfers. I remember on my previous job. Our goal for the transfer rate was 20%, and we handle basic troubleshooting, product changes, upselling, billing disputes etc. Here in our new account, it’s pure transact: billing queries, product changes. And… I guess that’s it.

CSAT (customer satisfaction)

In my previous job, we have like 1-5. Here, we got 0-10. And it’s somewhat confusing. Earlier, I got a CSAT 0% with a verbatim referring me as a girl and saying that I’m like timid or something. But when I pull up that I count, there’s no trace of my personal notes and I tend to put notes on all the accounts I open up, even if it’s a drop call. And I’m not even familiar with the account holder’s name. So I’m a little dismayed of CSAT, though my monthly average is average.

There are more challenges I can pile up on this post but I guess so far, the one that’s really bother me most is the people from the higher position.

Earlier, I received a call that should have been transferred right away to the technical team. I asked for help to see which department I should transfer it to. And I was told that I should perform the diagnostics first. I was like.. “Huh!?” We’re not trained for this. I’m not even familiar with how to perform it. But even so, I tried to do it. But later when I talked to one of the Brit representatives, they told me that we’re not the ones who should perform the diagnostics and it should have been transferred right away. I was like, I thought so too because I have no freaking idea how to fix a broadband issues because we’re not trained to do so.

Aside from that. Last week, I also argued with a local supervisor in regards with the caller’s contract. Caller is actually planning to cancel the account. I told the customer he’ll be paying for a termination charge for the remaining months of the contract. And while I’m talking to the customer, she also keeps on dictating stuffs that I don’t quiet understand because I’m in the middle of conversation with the customer. In the end, I know I was right but the funny thing is, she reported me to the manager and told him that I actually raised my voice. Hehehe.

Okay, so basically that’s what I’ve been up to for the last few days. And those are the things been bothering me most of the time. For how long am I going to stay here? I’m not sure. But knowing me, resilience is my virtue.


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