Battle of Magh Tuireadh

Battle of Magh Tuireadh

by: Smokebear

On the land of the Fey, a war erupt
and the rocks on the ground tremble
There came a giant, King Balor of the Evil Eye
with his Formorians, they huddle

A hero come forth, who they call the Bright One
with valor, he faced him in battle
Lugh called him out with all mustered reproach
Balor’s infuriated with anger

He ordered his men, “Lift up my eyelids
until I can see the chatterer ”
Lugh cast the red spear that brought the eye at his back
and he struck the head off of the evil ogre

After his death, it was a battle no more
but a rout. Fomor were beaten back to the sea
Caught Bres gaurdless and taught them how to plough, reap and sow
Lugh and the Tuatha Dé Danan let him go free


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