Strange Places

This is posted first on the forums on travian ph. The thread supposed to be a “true or false game”. One person is going to say something random, then the next person who’s going to post will validate it. So the person before me said “the next person love to go to strange places”. So I backtrack to my memory lane and here’s what I got. After I said my story, I realized it’s a bit longer that what I thought it’s supposed to be. So I said, “why don’t I post it also here in my blog.” So here goes:

Strange Places.. Hmmm..

Let me see. Once, I saw myself in the middle of drug driven crowd. I never intended to hangout with them but forced to spend the night due to unavoidable circumstances. It was a bit scary because I don’t know anyone, and of course they don’t know me. I was a bit wary, I can feel they’re all getting paranoid.
There’s also one time when a friend invited me to go to a fiesta. It’s a mountainous part of the province. It’s a one hour drive from the town, and about 2 hr drive or so from the city. I found myself hanging out with the bunch of old dudes and drinking booze. And they all turned out to be members of leftist group of New People’s Army. Good thing most of them claimed we’re relatives though it’s distant.

And there’s also a time when I was invited to witness a Esbat ritual hosted by a Wicca Practitioners in Dumangas. Aside from me, they also invited other people that practice other traditions such as: Tradition Filipino Shamanism, Babaylanism, Cabbala etc. Oh and just to let you guys know, I don’t exactly share their views. I just kept an open mind, and let them do their thing. Simply witness and respect.

Additional note to that experience though. As soon as they’re done with their ritual, we went down the mountain and back to the medium size nipa that we’re staying. Around 11 pm, we’re already on our bed and just talking about randoms stuffs.

Someone knocked on the front door. At first it was only a knock. A friend asked “Sin-o na?” (Who is it?). But no one answered. Then it gets louder and louder. Then the rhythm changed. It’s getting a little hostile. Then it’s as if trying to break down the door. The owner of the house shouted, “Sin-o Na?” (Who is it?) Still no answer, but the thumping didn’t ceased. And we heard sort of a bird, circling around the house. The owner shouted curses. Some of the practitioners are scared ****. But me and my drinking buddy, we were a bit drunk then, were a bit excited and giggling like teenage girls. I mean, if it’s going to be an “Aswang” or whatever, this is going to be a wonderful discovery of our lives. (Diba?) So we readied ourselves, good thing that friend is packed with metallic sharp stuffs :P.. Then it went silent but we can still hear the bird circling above and it’s getting thin. They said if the sound is somewhat distant, then the creature is very near. And since I’m sleeping right beside the window, my friend hand me a butterfly knife.

English: A Balisong(also called a Butterfly Kn...
English: A Balisong(also called a Butterfly Knife) being opened and then closed using a basic technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For few minutes, I can feel someone breathing right on the opposite side of the window. I raised the knife and ready my reflex, just in case. Then I heard footsteps went away and we can no longer hear the bird. (But over the silence, the cow suddenly moo so loud that it drowns any sound from the outside. My friend and I just laughed) Eventually, I got drowsy and my eyes went to sleep.

The next morning, we tried to investigate what happened. Some of the neighbors said that the there’s an old lady living alone on the opposite side of the mountain, and said to be the “Aswang”. It might have followed us when we went down, they said. They also said there are some incidents happened before that they found a mutilated body of kid on a big hole on the other side. Some even shared that they’re once been chased by an unknown creature on that mountain.

Until now, I’m not even sure if it’s true or if I should believe those people. I’m sorry for the long story.. hahaha.. Just wanted to share the strange places I have been that I remembered.


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