Dream: Relic Hunter, Princess and the Girl in the Blanket

I saw myself in the middle of the crowd, I’m with my brother and we’re in the middle of somewhat like a bar and there’s sort of a festival going on. We’re having drinks, some came over and join us. Male, tall looking dude. Then there’s another one, a female, her name is Princess.

My phone rings. It’s my mom calling us. She wants us to drive somewhere. She’s with a guy who’s supposed to be a relic hunter. My brother and I got up and excuse ourselves and leave them on the table.

Now we are in a van, and aside from my mom and the relic hunter guy, I saw my grandfather and another “nanay-ish” looking lady. She said that she has to go home first. She wanted her daughter to join us too. Her name is also Princess. My brother and I exchange glances, thinking if it’s the same girl named from the bar. We drive through sort of a subdivision and swerve on a curve then park 1 house away before their house. We went to the first house with a wooden sliding door and we knock. No one answers. So we go back to the van and asked if we got the right house. They said nope, that’s not it. It’s the next one.

So we went to another house, there we saw Princess. As we thought, she’s the same Princess from the bar. She came with us to the van. Then I saw my grandfather knocking on the first house we went earlier. No one answers but the door is open. My grandfather turned his back on it. And I saw sort of a long hand that looks like want to grabbed him. I called my grandfather then the hand back away faster than anyone noticed, of course except me. Then as I walk towards him, I noticed the dining room. It can be seen from the outside. And I saw on their dining table, there’s sort of a thing covered with a blanket. A guy came out the door and initiate a conversation with my grandfather.

He’s pleasant. He looks like Chinese and he wears a sando shirt. So we informed him that we were just looking for Princess and we thought this is their house. He just smiled and said it’s okay. We part ways and he went in but he leaved the door open. Then out of curiousity, I took a peek inside the door and check on the blanket covered thing. From the door, I saw a person under the blanket. I wasn’t alarmed or anything because I wasn’t sure. And I don’t really want to go inside the house.

So my grandfather and I went back to the van.
As I tried to take a seat, I ask my brother if he noticed the dining room. He said he’s also not sure. Then as we drive away, I took a glance again and saw a hand coming out the blanket and a hair. It’s a girl. But we’re already far when we realized it.

Then the relic hunter guy talked about a thing what we’re trying to find. I don’t really pay much attention. Then I woke up.


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