Travian Epic

Travian Epic

by: Smokebear/ Aft3rdark

Once again drums of war thunder
Race forth the three tribes of men
Phalanx at the fort, Imperians at the gates
Teutonic Knights will raid and plunder

To quench the thirst for lust of blood
Every town in sight is smashed and desolate
Songs of hymns and primeval mud
Banners are waved in liquid scarlet

Alliances will form to strenghten the horde
From South then west, From East to North
Scarring the land with betrayal and mistrust
Hell’s bells clanging to the old hatred

No one really pay heeded to ancient prophecies
Nothing will forestall Natarian empire’s return
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Heroes will lead us upon the brink of destruction
and triumph..

When the war of men brings the cataclysm
Legends will echo of sacrifices made at world’s end

World Wonders that long for the sky will be built
Wings of light and dark on winds will scatter from afar
This will be the beginning of heroic bliss
This will mark an era, a treasured memento to last the ages


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