RPG Character: Creden

I’ve been fancying myself to join story telling role playing game that I stumble upon some forums but  never got the courage. So I thought, why not just make one myself? So here goes..

Name: Creden

Race: Human

Age: 27

Height: 5’7

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black Buzz

Skin: Dark Tan

Appearance: Unshaven, unkempt, medium built, sad piercing eyes, few small battle scars he tried to hide with his hooded sweater, tattoo on his left arm

Personality: Aloof, sad, survivalist, ex mercenary, highly skilled and dangerous killer, yet sometimes show to perform moral or even atypically heroic actions.

Allignment: Neutral Evil


Learned to live on his own as early as 3 years old but soon adopted by a good family. It was a good life until one tragic phase when a notorious gang massacred his adopted family and leave him barely breathing. As soon as he recovered he vowed for vengeance. He hunted them down and killed them cold blood.

He then decided to live as a hired assassin. He worked on various jobs and his killings became a local legend. He soon became a personal bodyguard of the biggest mobster of the city by the age of 18. But for a mysterious reason, when the his boss is dying from cancer, he thanked him for his loyalty and instead of continuing this kind of life, he should go and journey to the mystic mountain of Calafalas and meet an old man named Cala, a cave dweller. He said to him that he should meet him and be his apprentice, only then his destiny will unfold.

Unable to refused the dying man’s wish, he embarked on a journey using the map that his boss personally handed to him on his death bed. He met the old man but refused his apprenticeship. He tried to prove his worth and eventually Cala accepted him as an apprentice and gave him proper training in warfare. He then revealed to him the mystery world of magick, mystics and demons.


Subtlety – As a survivalist, he gained the ability to remain hidden from the shadows and can sneak up, with some careful planning, on great trackers. When careful, can manage a kill.

Touch of Nature – He can call of the wild, and knows the way around in the wilderness. He can heal wounds with plants and call upon animals to help him…if there are any around of course…

Blood Fury – Fueled by his memories from the past, he can fly into a rage that increases his attack power for a short time.


Creature of the Night – While not a vampire or the like, he’s most awake at night. If given the choice, he would sleep in the day, and do the work at night. Side note: can’t see clearly under the sun

Inner Demons – Because of his haunting past, has inner demon feature: horrible nightmares and crazed bloodlusts

Aloofness – This makes things such as leadership and diplomatic/persuasive attempts to be extremely difficult. additional note: *Fugitive – As an ex killer, Creden is liable to face hostile reactions from guards and soldiers if recognized as such, and must take measures to avoid extended contact with such figures.

Gears: Simple cloth or leather, blade/knives, hooded cloak

Power Category (the ability to alter one’s environment):

  • INT  — 6
  • STR – 8
  • CHA  – 8
Finesse Category (the ability to use power efficiently):

  • WIT — 8
  • DEX — 9
  • MAN — 3
Resistance Category (the ability to cope with power being exercised upon one’s self):

  • RES — 8
  • STA — 9
  • COM — 5


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