Dream: Inflatable Car

We were in a  sort of nipa hut. We were supposed to be in vacation at the beach? Am not sure. I saw  some classmates from hs and some friends from the present.. There was a scene: my ex trying to check on my photo album. Then the scene changed. We were in a mansion. I don’t remember how we got there. But I remember there were some old people who are supposed to be witches came over. Practicing Wiccans.  I think one of them is the owner of the mansion. Then our friends decided to go somewhere else. And they want me to come along with them because they need someone to drive them there. I didn’t want to at first but then agreed later on. Michael gave me his keys. We went to this parking lot.

The car is like a balloon needed to be inflated. (Kind of reminds me of Bulma’s capsule in Dragonball) There was sort of a button to press. After we’re done, I was told by Jarrah to go to Vem and ask for permission to inflate the car. And so I went. She was mad at me because why I didn’t told her at first about it. I didn’t because I assumed she’s going to come with us and reconfirm to her that of course she should join us. But she doesn’t want to. I told her I’ll just drive them there then later on I’ll be back for her. She’s okay with it. Then as I went back to the car. It’s all set and ready to drive. So I drive them to another place. Everyone are laughing and stuffs as we went in in a sort of high tech laboratory. I saw Chari Mae, a classmate from high school, in the corner that seem sad. I passed by and told her it’s going to be okay. Then she just burst into tears. I assumed she wants to go back, so I said to her that if she want we can go back later on. She wonders how did I know that she wants to go back. Just a gut feeling and years of experience being with Vem.

After that I decided to go back to Vem, and confront the old witches. They said some stuffs I forgotten. And they’re a bit confusing. Then I woke up.


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