Fict: To be sad

Everyone’s seem excited and ecstatic, busy practicing stuffs for tomorrow. I overheard some of the gals planning to set up a party after that night. While some still rushing to finish some projects, chasing after teachers that ought to sign their clearance. While few choose to spend it like a normal school day. But here I am feeling melancholic, facing the window and thinking how days gone past.

“Von!” a voice from behind.

I glance back and saw Val standing at the doorstep of our classroom, along with Prian and Cres. “Opp! Hey! Where you heading?” I reply.

“We’re gonna go to see Mrs. Daguay and get this thing signed up,” he says. “Are you gonna come with us, or not?”

“Dude, I’m already done with the clearance.” I answer.

“Are you sure?” he asks, and he walk towards me and whisper “She’s looking at you from behind, man. If you’re just going to stay there alone, she might think you’re on the losing side. Why don’t you come with us?”

“Tsch! I don’t care. She can think whatever she wants,” I reply. “Go ahead. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“I got you, man” he says “By the way, let’s go home together later. We’ll just finish this up to Ma’am Daguay’s office”

“Sure!” I answer as he hurriedly run along.

I get back my stare to the window. Damn. Val is right. I’m sitting alone here in my desk and she’s at the back. I better get away from here just to avoid misconception.

I stand up from my desk and walk out the classroom, towards outside corridor. The clouds are shady and gloom with a cold wind breezing. What a perfect day to end this phase of my life. These are my last glances of this school. I better save some for the memories. Funny it seems to think I’m going to miss our blackboards, our desks, our bulletin boards and every corner of this room. I check other classrooms as I pass by. It’s the same as ours, loud and noisy. I better go somewhere quiet and with much more freedom to think. Why don’t I go to the bridge? But I don’t think I can stay there long. With the school about to end, it become popular for everyone to hang out. How about the chapel? That would b better. We maybe in a Catholic school, but the students are not that religious.

I went down the stairs. I met couple of friends, inviting me to a party. No problem. Until finally I’m at the college department. I went up the stairs to the chapel. No one’s around. I went in and pick the seat nearest to the window so I can get a chance to have glimpse of her.

I’ll probably never set foot in this place again. They’re already done with the preparations. And we’d practiced all the songs we’re going to sing and how we’re going to commence this Graduation thing. But still, the bittersweet sadness is about to begin. In time, I know it will just fade into a memory. As painful as it is inevitable, I have lost my best friend.

This is the freedom I yearn for, just a freedom just to be sad.


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