Dream: High School and Mandella

Wearing a white polo shirt and a khaki pants, I can see myself in the classroom back in high school. We were in the corner mostly talking and laughing though I can’t remember what we were talking about. It’s dark and gloomy.

The scene changed. My classmates are formed a line outside the room, like what we always do every flag ceremony. I arrived at the scene late, as they begin to march somewhere. I saw Gary and Pete. I told them to let me sneak in. They point me to the guy that leads the line, to Andy John, who’s the smallest in our class. I told him to sneak me in the middle instead of at the lead or it would be obvious that I’m just sneaking in.

They laughed at me but managed to sneaked me at the back of Andy John, which is better. I also saw Krian, pass by.

The scene changed. I am in the middle of the classroom. We were about to have an examination. A guy teacher called me and Gary to come to him. He discuss to us what kind of test he’s about to give us. It’s somewhat about history and journalism. He’s giving us a private recap. He said some stuffs of history. Stressing about headlines and something. He asked us various question, I’m able to answer some of them though I can’t remember what are the questions. But he got Gary dumbfounded when it was his turn. He said “I’m confident that you’re going to get at least 50 in this exam”. Then Pete overheard what our teacher said and suddenly got excited. But was disappointed in the end. Usually our exam are just 10 or 20 items at most. So when Pete tried to recall what our teacher said to me and Gary, he suddenly dismayed for he said he hopes we can get at least 50. He realized there’ll be like 100 questions.

Our teacher continued the private recap and he mentioned this name, “Mandella”. Then I woke up, around 9:25 am.



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