Fanfict: Bacon and Inception

I’m sorry. It will take time if I really need to fix this story. I guess, I’m not that patient enough. This is the continuation of the story of the wanderer and the grudge girl.


Birds chirping. The sun is already up. I heard several footsteps. I open my eyes and slightly cover it with my hand from seemingly unmerciful shining as I gather my wit. I’m still here. I checked on the stairs. There’s no sign of blood. The lady’s gone as well as the kid upstairs.

There are some noises coming from the kitchen, a mix of giggles and frying. There are some people inside the house.

“Hey! Are you okay?” a voice from behind.

I look up and saw a man, about late 50’s, sitting at the diner table with his newspaper.

“Who are you guys?” I asks.

“Who do you think?” he said, ” We’re the owners of this house.”

“We saw you lying there earlier this morning. And we’re about to call the cops. But we noticed you’re a foreigner, so we figure you might be lost or something”

“Really?” I whispered to myself. Still feeling a bit groggy, I tried to sit.

“So, who are you?” he asks.

“Oh! My name’s Von. I am a researcher but not the serious type.” I explain. I extend my hard for a handshake. “I’m actually here to check on this house. There are some rumors I’ve heard that concerns with supernatural and some~”

“Hey, mister! watch out!” a kid shouted as a plastic ball bounce to my face and roll over.

The kid giggle, “You look funny!” he says then he run along towards the man.

” Hey stop pestering the man” he scold the boy, “I’m sorry for that.”

” It’s okay”, he says, “It’s not like he hurt me or anything. It was just a plastic ball.”

I heard soft clanking of pots and pans coming from the kitchen. A woman came out with a plate fresh fried bacon. She’s around late 30s or early 40s.

” Good morning!” she says, “Care to join us?” she offers.

” Wow, I would be delighted.” I answer.

I grabbed my top from the outer pocket of my bag and tried to stretch my back as I stand up. I checked on the time. It’s 9:53 am. I noticed that the salt circle I made last night is gone.

” Ummm, last night. There are some sprinkles of salt here on the floor” I say.

” Yeah, that was weird. Why are you sleeping with salt?” The woman asks, “I’ve already clean it up when I swept the floor this morning.”

” I’m really sorry about that.” I said, as I walk towards the diner and try to settle on the chair, beside the kid, who’s seems curious on what kind of toy do I have in my hand. I put it on my pocket.


” So, you mentioned earlier that you’re a researcher?” the man asks.

” Oh!’ the woman interrupted. “I forgot the fruit juice.” she said, then she stand up and kiss her husband. “I’ll be back.”

” Yes!” I continue on, “I’m actually freelance. Not funded by any institution or anything like that. I’m here because of the rumors I’ve heard that this house is haunted by some ghosts. And they said that a lot of people came in here are either disappeared or mentally incapacitated.” I says while reaching for the bacon and bread. “Oh! Sir, you wouldn’t mind? I’m starving.”

” No, go on” he says, “Help yourself.”

” Geee! Thanks!” I say, “So I was saying. I’m a traveler. And to tell you the truth, I just happened to pass by here because of this certain kid I met in Tokyo.” I continue the story while swallowing three bacon strips, “She told me the story of this lady named ‘Rika’ and how she would take care of him when his parents died from the car crashed.

I took my top from my pocket and spin it on the top of the table. ” To make the long story short, I come here as a promise to help.”

“I see, but we’ve been living here for 10 years,” he says.” he says as he glance on the top that’s spinning on the table.  “Yes the incident really did happen but there’s no supernatural happening here. And this girl Rika, we’ve met her but she went back home to her province. Her boyfriend proposed to her and she said she ought to get married this coming November.”

“Really?” I said. “I’m gonna level with you sir. Before I become just a wanderer, I was part of  an illegal corporate espionage by entering the subconscious minds of our targets, using two-level “dream within a dream” strategies to “extract” valuable information. Performing the act of “inception” or planting an idea within the person’s subconscious mind.”

” Huh!? What does~”, he interrupted but I continue on.

“I’m used to be famous in the black market because of my level of expertise in the field of extraction, which consists of stealing my mark’s ideas by infiltrating their dreams and stealing valuable information from them.”

” Why don’t we cut the crap?” I finally said. “You know that I know I’m in a dream state. From the time that kid saw the top in my hand, you already had the suspicion that I’m already aware. I spin my totem on the table to to give you the confirmation. In reality, ideas are bulletproof but in this state, I can steal it or even kill it.. to stop the breeding”

The kid starts the meowing sound again. “You’re bugging me off!” I said then I grabbed a handful of bacon and shove it to his mouth and kick him away from the table.

The man shout incoherent noise. I flip the table and throw it. Then the woman from the kitchen run towards me with knife and tried to stab me.

Then a moment of silence envelopes the scene. The top is on the floor but still spinning.

“Oh!” I whispered, she looks up with her incredulous eyes. “I’m sorry to disappoint you but… it is me who designed this place”


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