Fanfict: The Grudge Girl and the Wanderer

What the hell is that? I asked myself as I saw her face tilt and looking down at me from the second floor. I look directly to her eyes and for a minute no one move a muscle. She then slowly back up away from the ledge. Then I hear I weird sound like bones breaking or something that I’m not even sure. So the story is true.

From what I heard of to some rumors, this house is inhabited by sort of malevolent ghost that hungers for revenge. It all began with a man who discovered her wife’s infidelity and killed her. The man just disappeared along with their kid without any trace. After that, Some families tried to buy this house but after few weeks they too disappear. Then when the police began to investigate, one by one they too began disappearing the whole unit which this case have been assigned vanished. I’ve been warned before by some people not to go here in these parts of the neighborhood.

Well, there are a lot of versions to this story. Some people said she was looking for her husband. While some says she already killed her husband. Some says, once you set foot in the house and happen to get away. She will hunt and haunt you down. Well, that’s a good challenge. I am but a wanderer and seeker of truth. This is my personal quest.

There she is, crawling towards me with her whole body drenched in blood and plastic. I guess she was wrapped into it when she died. The shock I felt is now slowly waning down. I grab my jar of salt and spray it on the floor and create a circle. I unpack my stuffs from my bag and took out my cellphone to check on the time. It’s 11:44 pm. I took out the thermos and a cup my girlfriend bought me from Starbucks. How sweet of her. Good thing I remember to bring coffee.

She’s already on the floor and stops at the edge the salt circle. So that works. She just look at me intently. Since I got a feeling I’m going to lose this staring contest with this supernatural being if this keeps going, I check my smokes and lit a stick. As I watched my smoke ascend in the air, I saw a kid upstairs and making sort of a meowing sounds. Is he supposed to be a cat?

I return my gaze the to the woman. She’s still looking at me with no signs to falter.

“Hehehehe” I say. Then I myself began crawling towards her, still within the circle (of course :P).  Just three inches away from her face, I whisper.

“‘This is going to be a long night.” I winked at her and smile.


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