Fict: Remain Still

“Goodnight!” she says.

“Okay, goodnight.” I say.

I stand up and head to the wall to switch off the light. “By the way, where are you going to sleep?” she asks.

“Hmmm.. Good question,” I say, while looking at the floor.

“Sleep here on the bed,” she says. Damn, my eyes gave me away. “This bed is big enough for the both of us, you know?”

“Are you sure?” I say. I don’t want to give her any wrong meaning. “Why don’t you sleep ahead,” I say. “There are still things I need to finish on my computer.”

“Yeah, Okay” she says. She turned her back and began to sleep. Leaving me on my own dilemma. Will it be better if I sleep on the floor instead? But she’s the one who told me to sleep beside her instead since the bed is not that small. It’s not that I don’t trust myself. To be honest, it’s her that I don’t trust. What the hell am I thinking? I just remember from a movie the quote “Never invite a vampire”, so in this case, what? It’s not like I’m a sucker of something. Errr.. that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, it’s my bed so I have the right to sleep how ever I can. Hmm.. that doesn’t sound right either. I laughed silently to the absurdity of my train of thought. I’m a man for crying out loud. She’s just a girl I hang out with. A friend that is.

I went back to my computer. Looking for interesting stuffs to keep me awake for awhile. Ten minutes already passed. Damn, my eyes and my back are failing me. I don’t think I will last another 10 minutes sitting in front of the screen. I check on her. Is she already asleep? The fan is directly set on her legs. I think she’s already cold. I thought I gave her sheet to cover herself earlier.

I went to bed and saw the sheet is at her back. I took it and spread a little to cover her lower body. I guess that would be sufficient. I look at the window. By the way this rain pour, it’s going to last until tomorrow afternoon. *yawn. Okay, it can’t be helped. I’m really sleepy now. Of course this bed is big enough for the both of us. I’ll just stick to my side of the bed and hope that I can get off to dreamland right away.

I lie down to the bed, as gentle as possible so I can’t wake her. Errr, why am I trying to be gentle. She might think I’m doing something… fishy that it requires me to be gentle. Damn, here I am again. Just get on the bed, dude. Okay, now that I’m lying down and trying to be as comfortable as I can. Now what? I close my eyes and try to shut down my mind while remaining still.


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