Fict: The Pub

“Howdy! want to come in?” A bald headed foreign guy with a bushy mustache yell an invitation. I was walking in the street of God-knows-where, then this guy just appear out of nowhere. He’s about 50′s or 60′s, as I said, with bushy face and with some glasses.

“Yeah, sure! What is this place?” I asked as I stepped in the pub.

“It’s a coffee pub. I’m sorry about the sign. It’s supposed to be an old Alibata language of whatever saying “This is a coffee shop”. I have my daughter to thank for that.

I let my eyes wander to every corners of the room. This place is such a wonder. It’s very traditional, in Filipino sense or maybe Japanese. I don’t know Everything’s seems like made of wood: tables, chairs, window pane, mugs, even the plates I think. There’s a japanese style corner with throw pillows and sofa beds. Hmmmm.. Comfy. Or if I prefer to sit with medium height chairs and table, it’s on the opposite corner.

“Hey, my name’s Earl. I am the owner and also the bartender from time to time. It depends when will my daughter can get back, that is. What’s your name?” He said as he extend a hand.

“My name’s Von. I supposed to meet a friend of mine and haven’t decided yet where. Good thing happen to stumble in this parts of town” I said as I extended mine.

“Call him up. You better sit here in the bar while waiting so you could see him right away when he pass by. He might missed the sign too, you know.”

“Okay!” I said. Then I get my phone from my pocket and checked my inbox. I have a message from an unknown sender. He probably run out of load.

“Von, where are you? I’m going to be late a bit. My last period will end at 5 and it’s only just 3. Just wait me up and send me a text where you are. My cellphone’s ran out of load. Don’t reply here. Text me back on my phone – Victor”

Well, okay. I think I can wait a bit. I send him a message.

“Tor, I’m in a coffee shop in Delgado street. In front of funeral home. It’s easy to find. Just look for a signboard with weird scribbles. I’ll wait you here.”


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