Fict: The Call

*ring.. ring..

Hmmm.. Who could that be? I thought while lying in my bed and just staring at the funny picture in my facebook page.

*ring.. ring..

“0232456 is calling”

That’s weird. A call from Manila? I think this is the company I’ve applied to last week. Well, it’s about bloody time. I thought they won’t call at all. Hmmm. I think I better let it ring twice more. Just a little payback.

*ring.. ring..

*ring.. ring..


“Hello! This is Marj from Bluecom Solutions. I need to speak to Von in regards with his application to our company.”

“Yeah, this is me. I’m Von. How you doing?” I say. Crap! what do you mean ‘how you doing?’. I don’t think there’s any need to build rapport here. I better say something to continue the conversation—.

“Yes, may I ask do you already have an NBI clearance?” she says.

“Not yet —”

“When can you able to secure your NBI clearance?”

Secure an NBI clearance? That’s fast. No confirmation when will be the schedule of the training or whatsoever. Anyway, “This week. I can process it and I can pass it to you guys before this week ends.” I reply as fast as I can before she cuts me off again.

“Will it be possible for you to pass it tomorrow in the office? Around 2-3 pm?” She asks

“Sure, of course. That’s no problem,” I answer.

“Great! Thank you very much! Bye!” She says. I waited for couple of seconds just to check if she’s going to hang up the phone. “Bye –,” again she says. “Alright, Bye” I answer. Then she hang up.

Okay. Well, maybe she’s in a hurry. At least, the call confirms it. I will be part of this new company. It’s been 2 months that I’m in the market. I will miss this, being a bum again. After I quit the last job, I thought this will never end. I better get back to sleep. It’s only a matter of days that I’m going to lose this feeling. At least, the clouds are cooperating by darkening the sky a bit and swaying the gentle breeze. Hmm.. I can no longer sleep. I need a cup of coffee.

I gradually stand up. Tried to stretch those arms and arch my back. Then out of nowhere, it hit me. Tomorrow is Sunday. Damn!


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