Fict: Fanfiction (Knock)

 *This is just a fanfiction, supposed to be Zombieland like but the events just turned somewhere I can’t control. Whatever, let’s see what happen next..

Philippines. Home to more than 92 million Filipinos. Today, our very existence is threatened by terrorism, dengue, colonial mentality, diabetes, economic woes, biased media and racist television, crab mentality, dwindling resources and the oligarchy demi gods. But those.. are the least of our problems.

Welcome to Aswangland!

It’s like the greatest hits collection of nightmares.

They had come in the dead of the night. It’s like a revolution of monsters. Have you seen the People Power in television? Yes, It’s like that, minus the yellow brands, add the wings, fangs and hairy naked bodies. Just another day of Hell.

I don’t know how it all started with anyone but for me, I can still remember I was alone that night it’s already past midnight. I’m in the middle of watching the live telecast of Pinoy Big Brother. When all of the cast are outside taking a dip in the pool. No one noticed but sort of a giant bird is flying above them and destroyed one of the cameras. It wasn’t really clear what kind creature it was but one by one all the cameras are gone static. Except for one, though it’s sort of just hanging on the wall. You can’t see a thing but you can hear the voices. They just started screaming.

“Aaaaaaahh!?” girl’s voice.

“What the fuck is that!” guy’s voice.

*thump thump

“Ruuuuuuuuunnn.. Acccckkk!!” screamed by a guy and seemed like drowning.

Even louder thumping noise and glasses broke.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” girls screamed even louder

Then the transmission is cut off. I was partly surprised, what kind of twist are they trying to brew here. I didn’t mind that much. I thought it’s part of the script. Besides, what a great coincidence it is to leave just one camera hanging on the wall, with no clear vision but still can pick up the sound. I thought maybe they were just trying to get on the trend. I heard on GMA news earlier that there’s sort of weird DNA sample they recovered from Lolong before it run loose 2 weeks ago. They never caught that crocodile again but the analysis shows that it was actually the DNA of a man. Foreign scientist can’t even explained it. They are dumbfounded though the local farmers though had a theory of their own. It’s “Aswang” they said.

Damn. Few days ago, a zombie is spotted in Miami, while here, an aswang got loose? Give me a break.

I turn off the television and went to the kitchen. I’m getting hungry so I checked on the left overs. Nothing but a pandesal bread. I pour myself another cup of coffee, took the bread and went back to my laptop. I need to get back to my Travian. By the way, it’s a multiplayer strategy game which I happened to be the champion on the first round in the Philippine server. I need to check on my attacks, any minute now our alliance synchronize attacks will land. As soon as I settle myself on my seat, I heard soft knocks on my door.

*Knock, knock

Who could that be? It’s already past 1 am. I checked on the window to see who is at the door. No one. That’s weird. Maybe just a wind or something. I checked back on my game. 2 minutes left before it land. Okay! Bring it on bitches! I was really excited to kick our enemies’ asses. Then there it is, but a little louder.

*Knock, knock

What the hell!? I hurriedly walk to the window again. Still no one’s there but since it’s a full moon that night. At the gate I can see that there’s sort of a glimmering silhouette at the gate.”Who are you?” I asked. It’s not moving. The weird thing is it appears to be sitting or squatting or something with a wet hair and sort of..  naked!? It’s a girl. I went to the television to grab a flashlight beside it and run back to the window. But the dark figure is no longer there.


I stayed in the window for half a minute and light up the area with my flashlight. No one’s out there. And where the hell are my dogs!? Was it really a girl? How could a girl sneak inside the front yard? And why the hell would she be naked? It was probably a man. I don’t have a landline and the credits of my cellphone is already gone. Well, I have the internet but what should I do with it? Post a status update that someone’s knocking at my door? Kind of lame. Should I scream? Lamer. This is fucked up. I swear I saw something at the gate. I need to go out to checked on my dogs. But whatever’s out there it might caught me off gaurd. Hmmm.. Good thing I have a baseball bat hidden under the couch. If whatever that is had a weapon or knife with him or her, at least I have a fighting chance.

I just remember it’s already past the ETA of our attacks. I better checked on my attack first.

So I succeeded with low casualties. Alright! What a douche!? He didn’t dodge his army. Then suddenly the lights turned off. *Fuck! Then  there’s a sudden gush of wind. I tried to look for my flashlight. I thought it was just placed on the table. Then the dreaded sound came back.


It”s even louder, it’s like trying to break down the door. I tried to grab my baseball bat. *Thug! Thung! Thug! Thug! Thug! Thug! Thug! Whatever’s out there is no longer knocking but pounding down the door. He or she got a strong arm. Then it suddenly stops. I readied myself and get a good grip with the baseball bat. Then it suddenly stops. Silence envelops the night. You know the phrase they said that when you look on the abyss, the abyss looks at you. That’s how it felt. Then another sound that got me really scared shitless because it came from inside the house. I was trembling.

“Von?” voice of a lady, in a low whispering voice.



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