Pacquiao vs Bradley (Twilight Zone? Whaaa??)

Wow. I still can’t believe he lost the fight.

I woke up around 11 am earlier and had a cup of coffee when I suddenly realized it’s Sunday. It’s the day of the boxing fight between Pacquiao and Bradley. I don’t really have a television. So I went to facebook to check on some of my friends if they know any live streaming website for the game. Sadly, they’re on cable and already on the game, so they don’y know any website. I asked then if it already began. Jun said not yet. So I tried to checked on google but it’s all crap. So I went to Manny Pacquiao’s facebook page, hoping that someone would post a link and there it is. Hehehe..

I’m already tuned in when Pacquiao and his entourage came to the ring. So this is it. I’ve seen a lot of changes with Pacquiao’s personality lately. I’ve heard from somewhere that he’s somewhat a pastor? I’m a bit curious what’s he’s going to show in the game, especially after his last controversial fight with Manuel Marquez (which I firmly believe he won, though not as much decisively as the other fights). He wanted to proved that he’s still on the top of his game. This I got to see.

In first few rounds, in my opinion, he’s a bit slower than his fight with De la Hoya or Hatton. And Bradley is as tough as I thought he going to be. He did fight fire with fire. This is getting good. Bradley did hit Pacquiao mostly in the body. But still Pacquio, even though he’s seems slower, throw clear and painful shots right in the face. And Pacquiao is more of a technical fighter between the two. But in the middle of the fight is completely controlled and dominated by Pacquiao. There’s no doubt about it. On the last few rounds, it’s obvious that Bradley is just trying to survive, though he did throw couple of good shots but so as Manny. After the bell rang, I knew Manny owned the fight.

I wasn’t impressed as much as I saw him on his fights with Diaz, Cotto etc. But still, I knew he’s still a top champ. Then I was actually about to close the window for the coverage because I have to get back to my Final Fantasy game (Hehehe!) Then the second judge’s decision has been announced. I was a bit shocked because I was expecting an unanimous decision. Then the third judge’s decision has been announced that I was like… wtf?

Literally and suddenly, dark clouds envelopes the sky and it’s becoming windy. I thought I was dreaming or something. I just can’t believe it. Sort of a, twilight zone freaky scenario. I went back to facebook and twitter to check for confirmation. Then there’s the outburst. Manny Pacquiao did lost the game.

So here are my thoughts:

I don’t know with you guys but I was really disappointed with this sport. I’m not disappointed because I’m a Filipino. It’s just that it’s getting obvious that this is just business. There are few people who will gain so much if there’s going to be a rematch. No wonder a lot of people says that boxing is a dead sport.

There are a lot of questions in my mind. Did they set this up so we can forget about Floyd? Are they trying to overshadow the controversies of the third fight with Marquez or the share dealings with Floyd? Are they trying to stop Manny Pacquiao from retiring so they give him reasons to prove himself… again? Or are they trying to keep us interested like Vince Macmahon in WWE? But if I can give Manny an advice. Sir, you can retire now if you want to. You have nothing to prove to the people or to yourself. You’ve done so much already. You’ve proven yourself countless times. You’re one of the best, or maybe the best there is. Congratulations! That’s not coming from a Filipino fan but just from a fan. 🙂


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