Proud to Be.. What!?

3 days left and we’ll witness another Pacquiao fight, as he goes and battle against the undefeated young champ Timothy Bradley. Hmm.. Errr.. I’m sorry. I don’t have any boxing analytic equation to share in regards with their fighting style. It’s not like that was what I’m aiming for with this pot. But before the social media be flooded with absurd statements like ” Pacquiao wins! I’m a proud to be Filipino”, sort of like that. The trend most of us say when someone with any slight percentage of Filipino descent won something in international stage. The Pinoy Pride.

I’m not really sure what’s with the Filipinos. The triumph of a individual can’t eradicate the failures this country has. Why would you be proud to be Filipino, when there are a lot of things we should be ashamed of. Funny thing is, most people who said that they’re proud to be Filipinos are actually away from the Philippines. If they’re too proud to be Filipinos, why did they left Philippines. Enough with this hypocrisy. The reason why they left is because they know that other countries can give them a better opportunity than what they can get staying here.

I’m sorry if I’m a little bold. It’s just that it’s a bit irritating sometimes. Like few days ago, I’ve read it again. When Jessica Sanchez came in second against.. Philip Philips? Honestly, I don’t watch television. Any news I gather are product of my procrastination in front of my laptop. Anyway, so when the Philip Philips guy won, here comes again the brandishing of “Pinoy Pride”, this attachment of the entire Filipinos to the individual success of someone who has some semblance of Pinoy blood. Maybe this country is so deprived of pride? or it’s just that the younger generation already forgotten. Or maybe because we underestimated ourselves too much that when someone achieved something in international scene, we just can’t believe it can be done. That there’s someone that’s capable of breaking down the walls of our self-made paradigm or prejudice? I mean, what the heck!?

Didn’t we just impeached a Supreme Court Justice because he admitted that he failed to disclose some if his wealth in his SALN, and it’s shouldn’t be impeachable because it’s not ill-gotten but still we did impeached him? How could you be proud of a nation that has always failed and has the majority of people living in poverty? How can you be proud of a nation where it’s citizens slave away in other nations away from their families and friends? How can you be proud of a nation who votes for idiots and actors for president and other positions of leadership for the country? I mean, yes some stories are truly inspiring, like the Manny Pacquiao story. Of course, he should be proud of himself for surviving the streets, poverty and corruption. That guy accomplished a lot of things. But the reason why he gone through all that isn’t because of us Filipinos?

Here’s a music somewhat related to the topic. 🙂


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