Smokebear on Impeachment Trial

So that’s it. Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona is impeached. I was actually trying to track down the events on youtube because I don’t really have television here at home yet. Still, I’m able to witness the highlights of the whole process including the day the senator judges cast their votes. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised that the majority of them voted guilty. I mean, come on, some senators are actors and some of them are obviously on the side of prosecution since day one, only handful are on the side of the truth and of facts. The Intellectuals (Hehehe..) knew Corona never stand a chance since day one.

Anyway, why don’t we go a little deeper with this issue before this thing be forgotten in a few weeks.

“The Constitution provides that the impeachable offenses are: “culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust.”  An omission in good faith in the SALN carries a light penalty, and is even allowed to be corrected.  Thus, it is not impeachable.” – Sen. Mirriam Santiago

I am no legal expert. My knowledge with law and political science merits from what I gather in coffee sessions with some friends and through the internet. But upon reviewing the senator’s speeches 2 days ago, the SALN has been the basis most of the senator’s verdict. This is not even an ill gotten wealth but just a failed to disclosed accounts. And isn’t that in good faith that he openly admits it. Tsk tsk. Wow! it’s like: Can you imagine yourself to be sentenced of life imprisonment because of jaywalking?

Nevertheless, we still must uphold the decency and accept the said result of this P5.7 million worth of almost five-month trial of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona. Yep, it’s P5.7 million as mentioned in Philippine Star. That’s where our taxes go. Would you blame Corona for this? Well, yeah. Maybe. But I would rather blame the prosecution team or better yet. Why don’t we blame the root of  all this mess? The President himself?

Anyway, this is just my opinion. If my vote has been relevant. I would vote to acquit. Not because I’m trying save Corona’s ass or I’m a pro GMA (because I’m not). It’s in accordance of the law. As the trial goes by, I get to learn the technicalities of the constitution. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a political science expert (not even a student).

 “The law is exactly a body of technicalities. That’s why you need four years of law school and one year of the bar- in all a total of nine years- para malaman mo kung ano itong mga teknikalidad na mga ito. Dahil kung wala tayong mga teknikalidad na mga iyan wala tayong tinatawag na rule of law. Wala tayong tinatawag na due process!”

– Sen. Miriam Santiago

As what Dean Nilo Divina ( UST Faculty Civil Law) said in the Impeachment Trial coverage of ANC. ” Legally he should be acquitted, Politically he maybe convicted”

He did. He was convicted politically. And to think he wasn’t even cross examined for the basis of the verdict. Tsk tsk tsk..


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