Sleep paralysis and weird encounters

Recently, I’ve been hanging out to a new set of people. Mind you, they don’t have any idea in regards with the craft or supernatural stuffs, but they sure love to party. I mean, re-he-heally they do. But the the thing is, one time while we were hanging out drinking buckets of beer, someone openly share her paranormal experience. She told us that before she went to bed that night, she can feel that someone’s rattling her bed but since she’s too drunk to care, she continue sleeping. When she woke up, she knew it wasn’t a dream because she went to shower before she hit the bed. She was still conscious that time. Another girl shared her own experience. She was on the phone before she went to sleep. She was talking to a new friend she met at the bar, who she described as very handsome athletic and blah blah blah. Hehehe. Bottomline: She likes him. Anyway, so she was sleeping and she have these series of nightmares.. She remember some of them but the scary part when she tried to woke up in the morning. She was already half awake but she can’t move her body. She started praying the Lord’s prayer. Then she felt some kind of a weird force trying to cover her mouth it’s as if someone’s grabbing her from behind and she heard a voice saying “Do you really believe in God?”. She just continued praying and eventually gained control of her body.

Here’s another one: Every time I go out to hang out somewhere, I usually come home around 1 am to 3 am. So I told my helper that I’ll be coming home and she should be ready around that time. So by 3 am, I came home. I called on her but no one responded but the lights are on, so I wonder. Then I call her out again. And she answered back and she hurriedly open the gate. I asked her, “Why are all the lights on and you still can’t hear me calling you out?” She said it’s because before I arrived someone already called her name when she went outside there’s no one there. I was thinking did someone followed me home, supernatural or not. Then the next day, she told me the whole story. She said that it’s been happening few times already and the worst thing so far was that night because when she tried to go back sleeping. She can feel that someone was trying to undress her and she also has that half-awake paralysis thing and she also saw a shadowy figure right on the door when that’s happening. She already consulted other people in the neighborhood and they confirmed it to her that there was really something supernatural in the house, as said by the previous occupants.

These all happened last week, by the way. Maybe the ring of fire eclipse that covers Tokyo earlier has something to do with it or the phase of the moon. I’m not sure. I don’t want to go deeper into science and talk about sleep paralysis, hypnopompic state and HypnagogoaJust go to wikipedia if you want to learn more about this.

Anyway, I’m no expert when it comes to these but let me share stuffs based on my experience. Sometimes prayer doesn’t work as it should be to some people, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it’s still based on the person’s faith. No matter how many times you recited the Lord’s Prayer, it’s no use if you can back it up with faith. I just remember, I’ve heard a story about this guy who went to Baguio and stayed for the night at this old house. In the middle of the night, he went to the comfort room to relieve himself and when he look at the mirror, he saw sort of a devil behind him standing. The worst part is the devil laughed at him and also he himself recited the same prayer.

So let me give you a tip. Of course, I have a bit of experience too, especially in regards with sleep paralysis and evil spirits. Here’s what usually works for me. Salt. Get a pinch of salt and put it on the tip of your tongue before sleeping. That never failed me, yet. Also, in regards with shadowy spirits roaming at your room, get a table salt. Actually, any kind of salt. Spray it on the floor where you saw that whatever figure standing on. If you want, before sleeping get a salt and put it on a table beside your bed.

Why Salt?

Salt has long held an important place in religion and culture. Greek worshippers consecrated salt in their rituals. Jewish Temple offerings included salt; on the Sabbath, Jews still dip their bread in salt as a remembrance of those sacrifices. Covenants in both the Old and New Testaments were often sealed with salt: the origin of the word “salvation.” In the Catholic Church, salt is or has been used in a variety of purifying rituals. In fact, until Vatican II, a small taste of salt was placed on a baby’s lip at his or her baptism. Jesus called his disciples “the Salt of the Earth.”

In Buddhist tradition, salt repels evil spirits. That’s why it’s customary to throw salt over your shoulder before entering your house after a funeral: it scares off any evil spirits that may be clinging to your back.

Shinto religion also uses salt to purify an area. Before sumo wrestlers enter the ring for a match—which is actually an elaborate Shinto rite—a handful of salt is thrown into the center to drive off malevolent spirits.

In the Southwest, the Pueblo worship the Salt Mother. Other native tribes had significant restrictions on who was permitted to eat salt. Hopi legend holds that the angry Warrior Twins punished mankind by placing valuable salt deposits far from civilization, requiring hard work and bravery to harvest the precious mineral.

In 1933, the Dalai Lama was buried sitting up in a bed of salt.

Today, a gift of salt endures in India as a potent symbol of good luck and a reference to Mahatma Gandhi’s liberation of India, which included a symbolic walk to the sea to gather tax-free salt for the nation’s poor.

Prayer works too but still it depends on your faith because everyone can speak the prayer but not all can back it up. So anyway, that’s it. Funny thing is, whenever I go on a journey and invited to go to an occasion outside the city, especially in places I’m not familiar with, I usually check for salt in the house of my host if there’s any chance I can. I don’t know. Just making sure. Living here in Iloilo, you’ll learn to be careful. 😛 Hehehe..


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