Jamming at Lumpiga

We did a show last Sunday in Lumpiga Bar, here i Iloilo. It was a bit of so and so (at least for me). Val texted me if he can borrow my acoustic guitar and he asked me if I can jam with him later tonight. Well, why not? right? He told me he’ll tell me the details in the band practice that afternoon and bring my acoustic with me.

So I cam along and meet up with Val and Michelle in Jollibee. It was a little funny because I was expecting to meet all his band mates, instead of him and Michelle. So he told me the reason for the abrupt jam session. The front man and the lead guitar will be unavailable on that night. They need 2 to cover for them. It was actually decided that it’s going to be Michelle and Val but they decided to call me up to jam with them for more guy songs. So I told myself “Okay, as long as to keep it not more than 10 songs”, I mean it’s already been established that I’m not part of the group really but just a jammer, so I’m not going to get paid for it. Anyway, we waited for the other members so they can practice a bit but no one came. They decided to just do it on the spot. I smell a little disaster coming at that time.

Night came in and we’re in Lumpiga. Sound was checked and they’re all ready to go. Val whispered to me if I can stand as front man. I said no, it’s been decided that I’ll just jam with you guys. That was it. So the thing is, I never did 10 songs. It was actually more than that which is very tiring. And I forgotten some lyrics of songs, series of mental black outs. Hehehe.

So we did 30 songs, more or less. They said it was great, so I hope it’s true. Hehehe. Honestly, I hope we did a decent job although it was actually on-the-spot session.

Me with Michelle
The peers
The band

4 thoughts on “Jamming at Lumpiga

  1. ahahh.. on the spot naman.. damu na nga experience nga on the spot.. salamat sa mga burilyaso nga on the spot sng una, nag mau na ang outcome sng on the spot ta sbung.. hehe.. wla ni video borg?


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