Tiring :(

Ok. So I told you guys that I already quit my job as a call rep, right? For now, I just wanted to chill out and relax and think a bit of what’s ahead of me, you know? To plan some stuffs and just a quiet time for myself? But for the last few weeks, It’s been a little tiring. I’m actually hoping that I’m going to have more time for myself to enjoy the freedom from work and relax a bit, it turned out most of it is being spent drinking booze, hanging out at some bars and jamming with random bands and friends, which is a little exhausting to be honest. I feel like I’m becoming part of the nightlife scene here in the city which is draining me both mentally and physically. Sometimes it seems like nothing is changed, from the time that I was still in the office and now that I quit. I guess my problem is I find it hard to say no at some point (or maybe I’m just getting old? Hmmm..)

That’s why I decided to, maybe next week, to execute what I’ve been planning to do few months ago. A vacation getaway at Boracay (hmmm, ironic right? Hehehe) But seriously, I’m getting burn out of this kind of lifestyle. Of course, there are some fine new affiliations who are actually good people but there are also some stuffs that would better be forgotten. That made me realized that maybe I’m no longer part of this kind of scene. Though it’s a good thing that from time to time I can get out from my crib and hangout but I also miss just staying at the house, watching anime or reading manga (or just blogging).

Anyways, guess what time is it. It’s already 5:27 am here. So I better end this thing, get some sleep and pray that later, when I get back, I can post some more stuffs. Hehehe. G’nyt!


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