If you were to see me getting arrested and being placed in the back of a police car what would you think I did?

~ topic I’ve read in formspring

Wuuuu. Now, that’s a good question. That actually crosses my mind sometimes. I mean, if I’m going to be arrested, what would be the crime I possibly committed. Honestly, I don’t know what’s the best crime that would fit me but I guess, murder would be on my list. But a simple murder, I think, would be boring. I mean in just pure fantasy, genocide would be more sophisticated but I don’t like bombings. It’s painful to watch stuffs like those on prime time news. I’d like it to be subtle and somehow helpful to the society. A vigilante, Like the Kira guy on Death note and be chased by one of the greatest detective like L or Sherlock Holmes.

And of course, having a death note would be a cliche. Is a vigilante a crime? Hmmm.. I can be like batman or spiderman, misunderstood superheroes. Now that would be great too.

Oh! Another crime that I find thrilling to commit would be bank robbery. Hahaha, I mean, I don’t exactly want to steal stuffs from other people. It’s just the thrill of stealing from casino or bank heist like in the movie “Ocean 11”. Hehehe. I mean, I would return it after I successfully done it. Nyehehehe..


While I’m in the middle of this blog post, I’m actually reading stuffs in wiki on the top 10 most wanted in the world. Most of them are mobsters, terrorist, drug lords and politicians. So what’s the possible crime I can do to beat these guys anyway. I have no idea. They all have something in common. Mass killings, genocide, massacre. Hmmm.. I don’t know. But if ever I saw myself at the back of  a police car, there’s a 100% chance I’m wrongfully accused. I mean, come on. It’s me damn it.. Hehehe..

So that’s it, after surfing stuffs on the net to find some thing to support this post, the taste just turned sour after reading some disturbing news. Errrrr.. So anyway, let me end it as it is, for now. Hehehe..


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