Favorite Rock Album

Alright! It’s been awhile since I posted something from Plinky. Hahaha. And here I am again. But the bad news is, I was actually trying to post this at Plinky and share this to wordpress but I’m having trouble. So I decided to copy and paste it here. So, no wonder why there’s no Plinky light bulb at the bottom of this page.

Favorite rock album. I’ll give you my top 5 favorite of all time. Honestly I have lots. I was actually brought up by my cousins who are rock music lovers. Led Zep, AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Dream Theatre, U2 etc. And from the locals: Wolfgang, Razorback etc. etc.But we’re not talking about bands here, we’re talking about albums. So let me share some albums that greatly influenced me in regards with music. And as much as I can, let’s stick with my favorites, Hehehe..

Alright! Here we go:

U2 (Rattle and Hum)

* One of the reason why this album is on my list. This where I first time heard of my most favorite love song and that is “All I want is you”. By the way, that’s actually the first song I ever learned to play on guitar. This albums comes along with a documentary. And also, this is the first album I ever heard of U2. It has blues and folk rock into it. I actually tried to learn to play harmonica when I was a kid because of this.

Fave Songs:
All I want is you, Desire, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, Pride, Hawkmoon

Goo goo dolls (Dizzy up the Girl)

*First album I ever bought when I was a kid. I think that was in my first year High School. The reason why I bought it, It is not because of the movie “City of Angels”, I just realized later that year that it’s actually a soundtrack of the movie. I remember my cousin and I used to play NBA live at the computer shop near St. Clements, every after going to church on Saturday. There’s this mysterious girl who constantly play “Iris” and I just suddenly hooked with this grungy-style punk rock, so I bought the album. I never knew who that girl in the computer shop was but I was thankful.

Fave songs:
Iris, Broadway, Dizzy, Slide, Black Balloon, All Eyes on Me, Acoustic # 3

Eraserheads (Ultraelectromagnetic Pop)

* Claimed by some as Β the best band that ever sounded in the music stream here in the Philippines. Simple lyrics, simple tune but every Filipino on that generation can relate to. Here’s a funny story: I remember, I think that was in Grade 2. When I tried to shoplift this album at SM. I never shoplifted anything, I mean up to now, I honestly never did. Only at that time, when my mom do her groceries and left me at the car. I decided to wander a little. Then I went to the music corner where I spotted this album. I instantly wanted to steal it, which I actually did. The funny thing is when I was back in the car with the tape in my pocket. I was felt so much guilt so I decided to return it. And the worst part was, I was mistaken of stealing it when I actually trying to return it. Good thing the guard is not really sure if I was actually trying to steal it. Maybe he’s thinking “Why would a kid this small wanted to steal this tape?” Tindahan ni Aling Nena is like my favorite nursery rhyme.

Fave Songs:
Maling Akala, Shirley, Pare Ko, Shake yer Head, Toyang, Tindahan ni Aling Nena

Parokya ni Edgar (Jingle Balls, Silent Night Holy Cow)

* This is actually a very very nostalgic album for me. The song “Gising Na”, I used to dedicate that to my bestfriend in High School. That’s when I realized I fell in love with her. Hehehe.. But aside from that, this album actually gave me a goosbumpy feeling, you know? Feels like a kid again believing in Christmas and some fairy stuffs. It’s kind of like that certain feeling when watching movies “Polar express” , “the Labyrinth” or “Dead Poet Society”. Hehehehe..

Fave Songs:
Namamasko Po, Hossanna, Gising Na, Pagbati, Parol ni Edgar, Tamad si Santa Claus

Dream Theatre (Images and Words)

*I was actually introduced to this kind of music because of my cousin. When I was a kid they’re constantly on the road to some Battle of the Bands and they would compose a song or two, and they would fill in a bit of Dream theatre style in their riffs. So that’s when I learned to like this sort of music, that is very heavy when it comes to instrumental. This is also a very nostalgic album and my favorite song of this band is actually came from this album, which is “Surrounded”.

Fave Songs:
Surrounded, Pull me under, Take the time, Metropolis, Wait for sleep

So that’s the list. I actually still have a lot in mind but let’s just keep it this way. These are actually the albums from my childhood. Sorry, I didn’t mention Beatles in the list or the Doors. I decided to stay on my era. Try to listen to some of these. Maybe you’ll like it, or maybe you don’t. This is my list anyway, what’s yours?


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