CSAT Adventure :P

Customer satisfaction, a term frequently used in marketing, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. Customer satisfaction is defined as “the number of customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its services (ratings) exceeds specified satisfaction goals.”

“Within organizations, customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects. They focus employees on the importance of fulfilling customers’ expectations. Furthermore, when these ratings dip, they warn of problems that can affect sales and profitability. . . . These metrics quantify an important dynamic. When a brand has loyal customers, it gains positive word-of-mouth marketing, which is both free and highly effective.”

– excerpts from wiki in Customer Satisfaction

Alright, I hope you guys don’t mind if I rant something so away from the previous topic’s subject. Hehehe. It’s just that my work. Sometimes it’s really stressful and of course, blogging is the best way to share it. This blog’s post is about my work, so better save yourself some time and close this hehehe.. It might bore you down, you know. Well, it’s up to you 😛

Now, before when I was working on Coca cola franchise, customer satisfaction is most vital. So as much as I can, I try to provide all the needs of our customer in terms of availability of the product, efficiency etc. But the thing is, I’m more on behind my desk, like the brain of the our small company. So I’m more on schemes and operation. Hehehe. Now, I moved on to another kind of job that deals with customer satisfaction. Though I’m not new to marketing and advertising, I still can’t shake the uneasy feeling when the Customer Satisfaction is directed to you.

Last December, before that month ends, I got a straight CSAT 5s. I don’t know how I do it, maybe because of the schedule favors most of us because usually after 10 am, there are less and less surveys. Then on January, I still got 5s though one time, I got my tooth extracted and called my supervisor to excuse me for a day but he won’t let me (though I have medical certificate to excuse me). So I went to the office despite of the uncomfortable feeling on my gums. The result, I got 1 CSAT 2 and 1 CSAT 1. Which really upsets me so much. I really blamed my supervisor at that time because it was really so hard to talk to the customers. Aside from uncomfortable feeling, I get distracted. But I pull myself together after that. The next day 2 CSAT 5s and the month ends with consistent 5s.

Now, on February. It was all good. I got some 4s and some 5s. One day, the usual I do my thing. I got a call. It was just a simple call. She was calling to make a payment. I said yeah sure, I’d be happy to help you. Before I collected the payment, I checked on the notes. She already tried posting the payment through our IVR but got an error. I said I’m so sorry about it but don’t worry I’d be happy to post the payment on my end. So I post the payment. I informed her that usually there’s a $5 agent assistance fee but I’m going to waive it for her since she got some trouble posting on IVR. She thanked me. So all is good, I offered self-help options. Then end the call. Then after 30 minutes or something, my supervisor call me out. He wanted to talk to me over something. I wonder why. So I went to him and he told me that I got a CSAT 1.

So my mood changes. I try to check what account that gave me the CSAT 1. And there it is, the simple where I collected the payment. It was just so simple and I wonder why the hell would she gave me csat 1. I checked the notes. After I collected her payment, the IVR suddenly confirmed the payment she made before she called us. According to the notes, she called because she was upset that there’s a double charge drafted on her account. She feels like we’re ripping her off. I don’t know how the next agent handled it but it’s really upsetting. There are lot of ways that we could have avoided this issue. The error on the IVR. I told the customer that there was an error when she made a payment and she knows it too. I mean that’s the reason she called us in the first place. So why would she complain about me when she should have complained on the system. The next agent who answered the call. He should have explain to the customer that it’s an error that an agent can’t able to avoid because the IVR payment was failed at first, after we collected the payment, the IVR just suddenly drafted the amount again. In my opinion, the CSAT 1 could have been avoided but not on my part.

Then after that, I got another call I got a CSAT 2. I don’t know the details. The reason I can’t even remember, that’s because it’s probably the issue is so damn simple but the customer don’t agree. I don’t even know why exactly the caller gave me CSAT 2. After that, I tried as much as I can to gain CSAT 5s. I don’t know what luck I have but CSAT 5s suddenly just started pouring on that day. After the 2 that I got 3 consecutive 5s. Somehow, I’m relieved that it’s like nothing changes on my CSAT avg. But I’m actually trying as much as I can to pull up my PAR because of the upselling incentives that I’ll be receiving. So I try to at least balance all my PAR. I’m not trying to get an Outstanding PAR. I will settle for average as long as I can get my incentives. Hehehe.

Anyway, so that’s my CSAT adventures XD. So what’s the trick on being consistent CSAT 5 getter? I don’t know exactly how works with everybody else but in my experience, I try to be casual as I can, helpful/friendly and resolve their concerns. Build rapport, just to be safe XD. Hehehe. I don’t know if I’m the right guy to be asked of advice. I mean, I don’t know about you guys because a lot of times, what maybe working for you, won’t work on someone else. I’m just saying that’s based in my experience.

So that’s my CSAT adventure. I’ve been on the floor for almost 3 months but still, it really is upsetting to get a low CSAT. But one of the most frustrating about it is when you do all you could, established a rapport etc and resolve the issue yet you still get a 1. You will then question yourself: Is it the way you talk? Is there something wrong with my tone? I don’t know, but it’s better to don’t dwell to much on that thought. It will just scar your momentum. Stay positive against the odds. ^_^


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