Tattoo Ideas/Inspiration

Here I am again πŸ˜€

Howdy! I’ve been planning for years now to get myself a tattoo. I love the art ever since I was a kid. The only thing that stopping me to have myself inked is the thought that my application to go abroad might get declined. I’m not sure if that’s even true but I was told before that it will be hard to get passed the interview in embassy if you have a tattoo. Then I wonder why the hell some rockstars and celebrities don’t seem bothered by that. It must be just a myth, right? I mean, RIGHT?

Anyway, I actually promised myself in the end of January that I’ll get a tattoo on my payday but it never happened. Well, it’s not because I’m scared of the myth or the pain. It’s just that I can’t decide what design it would be. I’m planning to add a tribal tattoo on my forearm but my wife told me that it’s too cliche. Instead she insist that I chose a different kind of design, maybe like an Aztec style or Norse. I’m not really sure what she meant but she show me some designs. Let me post it here so we could be on the same page. Hehehe.. Hold on.

This one is what I’m planning to be tattooed to my forearm. I’m not really sure who designed this and I’m sorry I can’t give you any credit but I like the idea of getting a wolf tattoo plus a tribal design. And here is the kind of design my wife told me:

So what do you guys think? Which is one is better? Personally, I like the first one because of the drama of the pic. I mean, comparing this one. This one is just a tattoo of a wolf. Anyway, my wife also told me that aside from having a tattoo of a wolf, I should add a depiction of a phoenix feather. In memory of Creden Fenix. Let me show you guys the design.

She said that it should be somewhat look like this. I’m thinking on the first design, instead of a tribal thing below the wolf, why don’t I change it to a feather then? Hmmm.. What you guys think? Anyway, here’s another look for the feather my wife told me.

Hmmm.. It’s cool right? Now the question is, are there any reliable artists here in Iloilo? Well I got a friend named Francis who’s a tattoo artist. I saw some of his works but mostly his designs are on black ink. I think he can handle the tribal thing but I want it to be more on details. Β And by the way, I want it to be placed on my forearms because I see no point of being inked at the back since I can’t able to see it anyway.

So what you guys think? Share your opinion please. I want to make sure that before this year ends, I will be inked. πŸ™‚

And here’s an encore. List of my wife’s suggestions:

*By the way, all these designs are not owned by me. Hehehe. We just stumbled upon these while surfing the net. If you’re an owner of this design, send me a message if you want it to be remove. Thanks

2 thoughts on “Tattoo Ideas/Inspiration

  1. Hey! Honestly, when you pick a tattoo it should be what YOU want and not your wife (first off)

    It seems like you have a bunch of ideas of what you’re looking for but are having trouble pulling them together, right? What I’d suggest is research the tattoo artists in your area and bring them all your working material, and see if they would draw you something or help you figure out how to combine them.

    Tattoo artists are artists, their canvas is your body so they generally won’t do tattoos that won’t look good, and if they assist in the drawing of it you’re bound to get something unique, that they have their stamp on, and that all parties would ultimately love. You’re gona have it a loooooooong time!


    1. Thanks man! hehehe.. I actually gathering ideas as much as I can before let myself be inked. My wife’s suggestions are great and I’m trying to weigh it along with my own.

      Hehehe, not that I’m getting indecisive or something. It’s just that this is going to be permanent. So I want to make sure that there will be no regrets and enjoy it for the rest of my days.

      Anyway, thanks for the visit, Joey! ^_^


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