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Panic attack
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Alright, here I go. It’s been a month since my last post. Sorry there are not much of an updates. I’m still working on the same company and currently, I’m planning to move on. Yep, I’m planning to quit and try other companies. Aside from that, I’m also planning to move. I mean, actually move. I’ve been paying my rent for 9k a month. I guess, since I’m going to quit, I have to move on a cheaper location. Let’s say, 5k a month.

Anyway, so what am I going to blabber now? Hmmm.. Why don’t we talk about health stuffs. I was actually planning to take medicine before. That’s why I took nursing when I was 17. But it didn’t work out. So I jump to another course, Medical Technology. It didn’t worked out again. I can rant more and more about on my college upsets. But it’s not really that what I wanted to talk about. Now, I remember when I was in elementary, there were some bunch of people came to our school. Teaching us some regarding with first aid stuffs. I only saw those stuffs on television. I never thought that stuffs like that can be use. But you know, it pays good for having a little knowledge. You never know when you might need it. For those who don’t know I actually have hyperthyroidsm or Toxic Goiter or whatever. It’s not really something to be scared of. But I had it since I was 19 years old, I think, and now I just got 27 last January 9. I’m currently on meds, by the way. My bloodchem is controlled. So there’s nothing to worry.

Though I never actually finished any medical courses, I love learning it through google (though that depends on the mood). It was actually me who first discover my illness. At first I thought I have some sort of psychological problem. Then I went to a shrink and I think she’s just aiming to fatten up her purse. I wasn’t convinced. So I went to another specialist. He was a cardiologist. The reason I went to meet this guy because aside from having sudden panic attacks, my heart just start pounding on weird occasions. So I thought, maybe the problem is with my heart. Then I told the doctor of the possibility of me having a hyperthyroidsm. He then recommend me to another doctor, an endocrinologist.

Anyway, everything’s good. My wife stumble upon this Creative Resol. I’m not even sure if I spelled that right. It’s just that my wife told me to check it out.  I say, why not? Hmmm.. I’m not really a hypochondriac but still, we only have one life to spare and it’s something we can’t waste. Just in case you guys are interested, check out their site.

So here I am. Okay enough with my health war stories. Hehehe. I’m healthy now. *sigh I was actually planning to go to a gym or sign up for Mixed Martial Arts School or something. Now that’s another story. Anyway, thank you for reading. Until next time then.


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