The Birthday

Woah! Hello guys! How you all doing? I hope everything’s fine. I was planning to post something for my birthday but failed to finish it up. Yes, it was my birthday last January 9. I’m so sorry I didn’t post anything. I didn’t inform anyone. It was nothing special. Just hanging out with my family and some close friends, even with the long lost friends. I can’t able to post some pics because I don’t have any actually, except what was taken of me by the pips. It was really nothing special, just a simple celebration. So guess what, now I’m 27. Tsk! tsk!

I guess the first to greet me of my birthday was Ericson, which is weird because it was unexpected but it’s cool. Then suddenly my facebook page was started to flood with greetings. Vem was a little frustrated because she didn’t get to greet me first but still. She tried to be creative on her greeting. She sent me a cute pic with a small cupcake. As always, she’s stunning on it and I really appreciated it. I remember, I think it was my 24th birthday, we don’t have much money at that time and I wasn’t really planning to celebrate my birthday. She bought me a small cupcake also with candles. It was really funny. They even took pictures I’m blowing it. I’m actually looking for that picture because I look like a convict in a cell celebrating a birthday. Hehehe.

Anyway, so that was just the beginning. Prior to that, I was already planning on how to celebrate my birthday. My initial plan was to treat my team out, maybe for a drink or something but I decided not to because days before my birthday, I was given a Final Written Warning by our manager and was asked to stay for few minutes after the shift to be scolded. So it’s a bit awkward to invite the team, feels like I’m showing off or something. So instead, I treat my close friend, Nysa, and her boyfriend, Jamil, to go to the Smallville for a videoke. It was fun though there are only three of us. I called up Victor, but that douche didn’t come and I also invited Angelie, another friend from high school, but she wasn’t feeling well at that time. But it’s okay, it was still fun. This is happening on January 8, eve of my birthday. Wait a minute, I just realized it wasn’t Eric who greeted me first, it was Jamil since he was actually waiting for the clock to strike 12 to greet me. Eric is the first to greet me on facebook. Hehehe..

Anyway, January 9. I don’t really have any plans that day. I was actually thinking to spend it like just an ordinary day. Then my mom called. She keeps on asking if we’re going to prepare any food or something at the house to celebrate. I told her to just come over along with Pranks and the rest. I already plan on treating them somewhere on the beach called Anhawan or treat them on the movie house, Sherlock Holmes was on the premiere. I texted Pranks, but turns out mom will be coming along with my dad. So what happens is, I meet her at Robinsons and treat her in Hong Kong Kitchen instead. You guys know right, that I’m not in good terms with my dad. Anyway, that was it. I was actually planning to go home at that time to just rest and sleep. I got a text from someone greeting me and it didn’t register on my phone. So I asked who’s it. Turns out it was Apol, one of the long lost friend. Inviting me for a cup of coffee on Starbucks. I was having second thoughts actually, thinking what’s the point of it? Then got another text, now it registered. It was Jarrah, also inviting me for a cup of coffee along with Apol. I asked Vem what she think about it. She said why not. I have to do something on my birthday she said. So I went with them, and there they were. The conversation will be the subject of another day. Hehehe. Don’t worry, it was nothing to be violent reaction with. It was pleasant. We met around 6 and go on separate ways around 11 pm.

So I went home and slept around 12, woke up around 1 and came to work around 2. I’m not sure if that’s right. Hehehe.. Anyway, of course, some of the teammates knew it was my birthday on January 9, and they still greeting me even though it’s already January 10. So I decided I should treat them to something. It was set, I’m treating them to Sherlock Holmes. It was Kenneth and April who came along. Since Kenneth has a problem with his eye sight, he has to get his glasses first from their house and he’s from the City proper, just couple of blocks away from the Robinsons. So April and I wait for him in Chaiz Cafe, have some coffee and some pasta, my treat of course. When Kenneth came along, of course have to treat him too. Then that’s it, we went to the movie house. I was surprised that Kenneth hasn’t watched the part 1 of Sherlocke Holmes yet. Anyway, in some scenes I get to sleep again. I remember when I watched the part 1 of it, even though I like the movie. I also sleep through on some scenes too. Weird.

So that was it. Then I came home, have some rest. I can’t sleep right away, so the next day at work, I was late. Some of them thought I was out drinking and got a little hangover. Well, it doesn’t matter. So that’s how my birthday turned out. I get to celebrate it with different sets of people from different settings on different activities. Of course, if I only have one wish, you know what I would wish for, right? That’s to be with Vem. šŸ˜¦ *sigh sigh.. Anyway, still I’m thankful for everything. I wasn’t really expecting that much but it turned out okay somehow. šŸ™‚


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