What was the last noble thing you did?


1. distinguished by rank or title.

2. pertaining to persons so distinguished.

3. of, belonging to, or constituting a hereditary class that hasspecial social or political status in a country or state; of orpertaining to the aristocracy.
4. of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence; lofty.
5. admirable in dignity of conception, manner of expression,execution, or composition.
Well, what was the last noble thing I did? Hmmm.. that’s a tough one. I’m not really sure if I did something noble. Is it noble if I lend money to someone who is in need of it? Will it be noble if I didn’t forced someone to pay the loan that’s already past due? Is it noble if even if I didn’t feel like it, I let myself do stuffs I don’t enjoy just to make other people happy? I don’t know what exactly is noble. I mean if I share a story of something noble I did, will it still be called noble?
I don’t really care that much. It’s always been my belief that everyone is selfish no matter how we deny it.  Let’s say I give 1 million whatever currency to the charity. Yes, it may appear noble to the other eyes but if you look at it closely, it’s not out of kindness at all. For me, it’s an act of satisfying your own hollowness. You’re only doing it to satisfy your own needs, to clear out and guilty conscience of whatever that’s been bothering you, though it really is a little absurd that it will cost you a million just for that.
Do you get what I mean? We’re only living for ourselves and no matter how you deny it, you’re just filling your own hole. That’s what it’s always been. That’s how I think of it. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing or we should come to realization that it’s pointless to help out. Go forth, help people out but don’t think that the more you do it, you’re ensuring a place in heaven or something. It’s just that there’s nothing really spectacular about it. At least, that’s how I think of it.
Knight has sworn the valor
His heart knows only virtue
His might upholds the weak
His blades defend the helpless
His words speak only the truth
His wrath undust the wicked.
-Dragonknight (movie)
I’ve been following this code before right after I heard it from the movie. Actually, it greatly influenced me on how I treat other people. I know it sound childish and naive. (By the way, I got that line from my memory. So I’m not really sure if I got it right :P) Until now, I’ve been observing that unconsciously or subconsciously.
Anyway, the question is what was the last noble thing I did. Okay, since the title itself is seems like directly talking to me. Earlier this day in the office, I got a call from an old man. He’s a US veteran. He was complaining about the Damage Fees he’s being charged of which reach up to $300. He told me that there was nothing wrong with the equipment when he tried to send it back to the Dishnetwork and now he was just suddenly got a $300 charge that’s need to take care of. Now I pity him but don’t take that as a noble. I only reversed the fees he’s being charged of because I don’t want to escalate the call to supervisor or the loyalty department. I want to fix it on my end. One thing you should know about myself, I know I am selfish. He’s a church goer. He’s known to his neighborhood as a good man.
He was really upset with the charges. He was at the point of shouting at me as if it was me who’s charging him of it. So what I did I told my coach about it and it was him reversed the fees. Now my guilty feeling was switch unto my coach. It’s $300. That’s too big to be just reversed right away in a matter of seconds. So the guilty feeling switched to different direction. Anyway, customer was really happy that I waived the fees on his account. We exchange pleasantries in the end.
So was it a noble story? I don’t know but if you ask me what’ s the latest noble thing I ever did, maybe that’s it. My line of work requires me to go extra mile to satisfy our customers. So I guess that’s noble, right?
I also got a customer earlier. The man was having problems with his remote control, and it’s been like that for 2 months already. The only troubleshooting I walk him through with was when I told him to look at the back of the receiver and check if the remote antenna are properly attached and in upright angle. That’s it. The customer was overjoyed and mentioned that he was having this problem for couple of months already and I fixed it in a matter of seconds.
I guess that’s it. Don’t know if I qualify to the noble thing. I guess it’s better to have an initiative to do something that can help make everyone’s lives better.
Anyway, enjoy the rest of the night or day. 🙂

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