Where I’ll be on Christmas?

5 days left before Christmas. Any plans set up in this coming holiday? I don’t 😛 Or maybe I have. Though I’ll be working on Christmas and New Year, my shift starts at 4 am and ends at 1 pm. So I guess, I still have time to visit couple of my friend’s place to spend my Christmas with.

My friend, Victor, invited me to come over their place on Christmas. Nysa too called me up to come over this Christmas. So I guess everything’s good.

Though of course, it’s still demotivating. I missed my wife, Vem, so freaking much. I’ll be spending Christmas without her.. again. Well, I don’t wish that much in Christmas but if I could have one wish that will come true, I just wish her to be well and healthy. lol, ain’t that sweet? Errr…

Anyways, honestly, I love Christmas. It’s so nostalgic, reminds me of my childhood and presents and Christmas carols, Santa Claus, the whole shebang. Until now, this is one holiday I’m always excited of. I don’t know. It’s not like I have something to do that’s to be excited about. It’s just that I noticed that people are a lot more kinder and friendlier at this time of the year.

That’s it, time to wrap this up. Have a blessed Yule! Happy Hannukah! and Merry Christmas!


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