Christmas Party with Team Jomar

The vacation I’ve been wishing has been fulfilled. We went to Guimaras along with my teammates. It was fun though it’s a funny thought no one among us took a plunge at the water.

The day of departure was set after our shift on Thursday, since our shift starts at 4 am and ends at 1 pm. So after the shift, we set to meet below the office at Supermart. I went home and fix my stuffs, then between 2pm-3pm, I went back to the office carrying my ever enduring bag. I have some coffee first at Starmart coffee shop and linger there for awhile, then I texted coach and Joanna. They told me to look for Allister at the Supermart. I decided to take a stroll at the Supermart and see if I can find Allister along the way. When it seems I can’t find him, I went to the other side entrance and saw Jed, another teammate. So I asked him if he saw Allister, he said he didn’t and he was about to go home to prepare too. So I continue on walking and I decided to wait for any updates at Tatay Roys (sort of a coffee shop and carinderia).

I took a seat and just sound tripping with my cp mp3s. Though it’s a bit awkward when everyone seem noticing you when you’re doing nothing at all. Anyway, I don’t give a crap anyway, hehehe. So I continue the sound tripping while waiting for any text updates. I think I’ve been sitting there for 30 minutes or so when I receive a text from Joanna to meet them up below the office.

So there we go. We were waiting for Allister, we still can’t able to find him. We decided to go to Parola, he might be there already and so we went. When we arrived, it was Kenneth who was there sitting alone. After few minutes, April arrived. So we talked and stuffs and wait some more. Then Jed arrived along with his wife, Laura, then George arrived too. We’re still waiting for Allister, about 4-5pm, we concluded that Allister is not coming, so we decided to take a boat already and start the trip.

After we arrived at the Guimaras, good thing that the owner of the resort we intended to spend the night with is a relative of an office mate, named JP. So there’s already a vehicle waiting to bring us to the said resort. The resort’s name is Abellardo’s Bar and Grill. It was already dark when we arrived at the place. The minute we arrived at the gate, what I amazed me is the small chapel right at the entrance. It was cool that they set up a small chapel. It brings out a solemn ambiance.

Anyway, so we set up stuffs and got ourselves a room then commenced the Christmas Party. We got Emperador lights, and more booze and lots of food.

It was fun. They also have Karaokes, if it isn’t with the douchebags from the other cottage it would have been all fun but it’s okay. It was something manageable. Though I find it weird though, why is it there are always some douchebags at the beaches whenever I went to some. But it was still fun, it’s not like they can handle us. Hehehe..

Anyway, I slept earlier than the other guys. The next day, we eat and talk and stuff but no one took a swim which I find really weird. Hehehe. Usually, whenever I went along with my wife, Vem, and her friends to the beach, it was always me who never took a dip. Anwyay, so we went home around 3 pm, we heard the news that there’s a Storm Signal no.1 coming, there’s a big chance that the boats will be suspended going to Iloilo. So we take a little haste and went to the port.

Okay, so that’s the little summary of the Christmas Party with a team. The in betweens are not really controversial but not safe to mention. Especially if it’s about some other people’s affairs. Hehehe. But I learned a lot from those guys especially on handling calls, make up a strategy on every calls and always cover your ass.  ^_^

*The pictures are with April. Still waiting for her to add me in facebook so she can tag me with it.


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