On our own (scary but liberating)

I was posting about something yesterday when I just suddenly doze off while doing it. I’m trying to recall what was it.. Hmmm… (*thinking) Oh yeah, it’s about yesterday’s office experience. For the first time we take calls on our own. No coach, no teammates. Just me and a fellow new hire. It was a bit liberating and yet a bit scary but we pulled it off, or so I thought. We don’t know if we’ve done it successfully because our coach is not around to tell us how much was our AHT (Average Handling Time) or if we ever got any CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and it’s horrifying to get CSAT 1, especially we’re new hires. If one of us would get a csat 1 on a first month, it would take 4 CSAT 5’s to pull it up. That’s what our team mate told us.

So I arrived 15 minutes early our shift. I went to the floor immediately and look for familiar faces. We were told that since it’s our transition schedule we will be endorsed to a different team because our team will have a day off. So I was walking alone the office, trying to figure out which pod we will be using. I don’t know anyone. My fellow new hire is late as usual. I saw some of my batch mates from 61 and 62 but they’re also new hires, I figure they wouldn’t know what to do. So I just come up and greet them and continue strolling down the office.

I went back to my locker to get my cellphone and outside the office so I could text our coach. After 3 minutes, he didn’t reply which is understandable because it’s early in the morning. He’s probably asleep. So I went back inside store my cellphone to my locker and stoll back the office. I can’t take it anymore since it’s already 4 am and our shift should start exactly at that time. I asked an OJT (On Job Training), she’s also a coach from a different team. Her name’s Cathy. She’s a bit funny. Whenever she sees me, she always call me up “Hello, friend!”. So anyway, I asked her “Ey, we’re in a transition schedule. Who should I asked to know which pod we’ll be using?”. I already noticed she’s in a hurry “Hello friend! Ummm.. asked the RC (I don’t know what those stands for.), those people oh” She points at the dressed up people. “Okay friend? bye!”. I said “Okay, thank you!”.

So I went up there and ask them. I explained to them we’re in a transition schedule. I don’t know maybe it’s the way I approach them or something but this lady somewhat find me amusing because she snickers. I didn’t mind it because I was already in hurry, I checked the time it’s already past the start of our shift. She points at 2L. Well, I said thanks and go right away to the said cubicle. I start up a computer and I noticed that I’ll be taking calls alone on that row. There are no other teams around. Then April came, she’s the fellow new hire. I told her to go log in, anytime soon we’re about to start.

We were scared of course because what if we’ll receive a call and have an issue that a coach will be needed? So at first we set up our computer, we go Team Meeting Aux. That’s what Daddy Pabs told us every start of our shift (Daddy Pabs’ the oldest team mate). We noticed though that after few minutes that we’re in Team Meeting Aux, we’re being logged out mysteriously. So we decided that it’s better if we start taking calls since we’re already 3-5 minutes late.

First four calls I got was okay, just a billing inquiry. Then I got a call that I was really scared I’ll be CSAT 1. What happened is that, the caller got a new tv and he wants to set it up to his new receiver. I offered to walk him through how to set it up but he wants a technician to be send out to his place to set it up for him. I remember, that we can’t send a technician out unless it’s part of trouble shooting steps. I apologize as much as I can but the caller got pissed off. I even tried to give him a hint like “As much as I wanted to send a technician out I am not authorize to have those options and he become more aggravated. I was like, shit! Then he threatens me to cancel his account. That means I can transfer the call to the Loyalty Department. I tried to empathize as much as I can before I transfer the call. Then when I talked to the Loyalty Department, the agent sound like she’s pissed off too. But then she let me transfer the call.

It would’ve been avoided if there’s a coach around to authorize me to send a technician out. But I was really scared, I don’t know if that caller will rate me 1 but I was really scared. I don’t know if he did but probably tomorrow we will know.

I also got another call that needed to be transferred. The next agent who I talked to when I’m about to transfer a call seem a little pissed off again. I was like, what the hell is wrong with these people. Still I able to transferred the call.

As time goes by, I know we’re improving. Good thing, some teams came and take the pods near us. So if we needed help, there are some coaches around from different teams. The downside is they’re not our coach. So if there’s a time if they need to choose to help one of us or their team members, they would choose to help them out first, which is actually understandable.

Around 11 am, we’re receiving troubleshooting calls which are great. It’s easier because the steps are already laid out in tech portal. I even have this caller who’s having an issue with his remote control. He can’t change the channels. I told him to check the other buttons if it’s functioning fine. Then his screen went snowy. I was like “wtf!”. I told him that’s okay, you don’t need to worry we can fix that right away. So we fix his snowy screen first. I told him to use the original remote control and cycle through the inputs. Then it fixes the problem, so we get back to his original problem which is his remote control. We reached up to the step that we need to do the reset process. It would take 2-4 minutes to finish. So while we’re waiting, I tried to talk to him on some stuffs. I learned that he’s from Marine Corp and he’s used to be assigned in the Olangapo in the 70’s. I was like wow, this is the third time I talk to a guy from Military who’s assigned to Philippines. So I continued talking to him, he was here when Marcos declared Martial Law. What’s great about his opinion was that he’s against the American government. He said that he lost faith to their government because they’re trying to influence the events in the Philippines. Of course, it’s a no-no for us to give out political opinions, so I just listened to him. I asked him then if he has any plans on visiting Philippines again. He said he’s not sure but would love to. Well, that’s okay. Then I tried to sway him back to the issue with his remote control. Everything is fixed. I told him it’s been a pleasure talking to him and he said likewise. That ended the call.

Soon after that, I receive another call from an Iranian guy. Who’s also a military I think or I don’t know. He’s issue was about the programming. I checked on it. He’s asked me if CNN and NBC news is part of the programming. I can’t able to track NBC news on the programming directory so I skipped to CNN. I advised him that it’s actually part of his programming and told him what channel he should go to. It was okay. I told him to hold on let me double check NBC news. I really can’t find it on our Programming Directory. I checked the updates if there are any issues with that network. It was there I find that there’s some sort of an issue between WGMA (I’m not really sure if that’s correct) and Dish Network. So I explained it to him. But of course since it’s taking me sometime to look for any issues, I tried to build a rapport or was it him who asked me first? I don’t remember it now. But he asked somehow where’s the office I’m working. I told him I’m in the Philippines. He’s like “ahh Okay.. how’s the weather there? It’s snowing here probably there too huh?. Which state is that?” I told him “No sir. We’re actually outside the United States.” He was like “Woah!? Really? I thought you’re from Florida or New york.” I told him thank you. I asked him then if he ever went to the Philippines before. He said just few times then they went to Australia. He talked about Australia a lot. I asked him then “Where are you roots from exactly sir?” He said he’s from Jerusalem. Now that’s cool because I was actually planning to visit the place and see for myself the birthplace of Jesus and I also want to see the Dome of the Rock but then I didn’t follow up the conversation. I was thinking he might be a Palestine or a Jew and I might offend him somehow if I asked too much. So I swayed the conversation back to the NBC news. But he greeted me Merry Christmas before we ended the call.

If only those 2 guys could do a survey and give me CSAT 5. It would’ve been great. I’m still scared of the possible CSAT 1 though. Another cool thing though we can log out from DCAT anytime we want. We’re not supervise by any coach anyway.


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