Done with the Travel Pod

Alright, so we made it. I’m done with the Language training, also done with the Product training, now done with the Travel Pod. Here comes SLA week. I forgot what SLA stands for but basically, the batch will be distributed to different teams and we’ll be on the floor taking calls. There’ll be no OJTs beside to help us out, no one to support us on taking calls, just one coach for every team and that’s it.

Now, I’m not really sure if I’m up to it. I mean, the last day of the travel pod I still have a lot of questions. I’m sure I will never run out of it. So this is a little scary, because there are still some QA agents who will barge in with our calls and listen to any missed opportunities. They will still rate us and I guess they now have the right to be merciless, since for the record we’re already taking calls on our own for the third week.

Damn, I’m not sure how long will I last. Last week on the travel pod, I tried as much as I can to achieve a higher QA but in the end the results are barely hanging. Well, I actually find it weird that I pass. πŸ˜› hehehe.. But it’s cool. This where I wanted to be so I better have the guts the suck it all up and be resilient.

Anyway, how you guys doing? Wow, Christmas is coming! Do you have plans set up for this holiday? I would suggest that you guys should. I mean, if only I can I would. If Vem’s here and I can have a day off we would probably set a vacation on Baras, Rizal, Vem’s hometown. Or maybe a getaway vacation to Bohol or Boracay or Palawan, that is if my funds would let me but I would probably save some if there are any possibilities.

I finally get the hang of this office stuffs and I’ll really appreciate it if you guys wish me luck on this. Keep on reading and writing guys πŸ™‚ Once again, Happy Holidays!


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