Fict: Woah! It’s dark!

Woah! Stars, It’s dark. Where the hell am I?

I suddenly find myself lying in the pavement. No idea how I got there. Was I drunk earlier? Then why the hell it’s still night time. I checked my wrists for any watch, there’s none. I checked my pockets for any cellphones or any form of clock to check the time and there’s none. Was I mugged? Hmmm.. Well, I don’t feel any pain in any parts of my body except my head. There’s a slight discomfort but manageable. If I was mugged, good thing I still got my jacket, shirt, jeans and shoes on. Wow, I still even have my wallet with 4k pesos. All I need is a cab. I tried to get up. I feel a little groggy. Was I drugged? I don’t feel anything weird except headache. What’s more weirder, I don’t have any idea what the hell happened and how I got here. Speaking of here,  where the hell is “here”? Well, I’m in the middle of the road but it’s dark. Damn! I better get up and check out the area. I might dropped something on my way here that could give me all the answers.

I got up. Now, I’m on my feet. I started checking the area. There are no houses, no lights except from the light posts that seem dim and  darkness, trees, some silhouette mountains and the road. The headache slowly subsided. I saw a glimmer few meters away on the middle of the road. I checked it out. I saw a pack of smokes and a stainless lighter. These are probably mine. I picked it up, took a stick and light it up. I better start walking and check if I can find any house along the way I can stay at least for the night. But, which way? Doesn’t matter. It’s not like I can read the stars, though I think that’s supposed to be a north star. I better go that way then.

I started walking and puffing. Good thing I found a pack smokes in the middle of this darkness. Hmmm… I remember when I was kid I used to be scared of darkness and how trees would envelope a road. Now, I don’t know if I just feel a little numb inside because I just woke up or I just feel a little braver. I continued walking. Though, I noticed how magnificent these trees look, how mysterious and full of wisdom they seem to appear.  Sudden breeze hit my face. Nice, my headache’s completely gone and I feel a lot better. I continued walking.

Hmmm.. I noticed the only sound I hear is the rusting leaves and whooshing of wind. That means I’m far far kilometers away from the nearest civilization. Damn! How did I get here? Why the hell I can’t remember? Feels like I’m in another dimension or something. Okay! I better stop reading comics and mangas. Wait a minute, why the fuck should I stop? It’s not like I can read now. Errr.. Why the hell I’m having an argument with myself. I better light another stick to set my mind straight.


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